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Data Entry & Management Services for Real Estate/ Mortgage

In the highly competitive real estate market, it is imperative for players to have real-time access to relevant data. It is an industry segment where data is susceptible to market fluctuations and vulnerabilities. In such a scenario it becomes all the more important for builders and real estate developers to process and analyze data with accuracy and speed. This analysis and business intelligence enables them to take quick mortgage decisions.

Data-Entry-India.com provides customized data entry services for real estate firms. The aim of our services is to help you focus on your core business by enhancing your productivity and reducing your operational cost. Our team of highly qualified and experienced data management professionals enables mortgage businesses to take the right decisions well before their competitors. They can maintain and manage large, accurate and current databases of property deeds and foreclosure information of prospective borrowers. You can vouch for our 20+ years of experience in delivering bespoke services to real estate and mortgage businesses around the world. Our services include:

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Data Mining Services: Data-Entry-India.com has a proven track record of helping real estate/mortgage firms in the US with data mining services. Our experienced team can mine data from Deed of Trust & Federal Tax Liens documents available on various County Clerk websites to render customized management services for real estate firms. They can do research based on diverse criteria and then look for the most recent records Then they process information such as guarantor details, beneficiary details, loan amount, maturity date, and property details, etc., and send you the results in your preferred format. Our resources are quite familiar with the standard terminology used in these deeds/agreements.

Data Capture/Data Entry Services: Accurate and precise information is a boon to any business. We offer a broad range of data capture/entry services such as forms processing, data capture from loan applications, approval notifications, co-borrower's information to assist mortgage providers maintain an accurate data bank. We also offer customized services such as indexing, online data entry, and other such services for applications forms, etc.

Data Cleansing & Enrichment: As your prospect pool grows, it gets more and more difficult to keep in touch with each individual. You are up against old addresses, bad phone numbers, missing contact information, obsolete email addresses and the list goes on. You need this information to accurately research and target your project marketing appeals to get to the intended recipients, and more. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money on efforts that lead to dead ends because you have bad information.

Account Profiling & Prospecting Services: Data-Entry-India.com supports real estate companies to acquire vital and confidential information vis-à-vis your prospective clients, which can be immensely useful when reaching out to new prospects and intensifying your sales efforts, with our account profiling services.


Find out how Data-Entry-India.com Find out how Data-Entry-India.com can streamline your real estate data entry/ mortgage data entry & management services, ensuring that your database is current and relevant. Contact us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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