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Data Verification and Validation Services

Verification and validation of data is primarily used for evaluating:

Data verification is a methodical process for assessing performance and compliance of a set of data vis-�-vis a set of standards to determine its completeness, accuracy, and consistency by means of the defined or established criteria and methods as mentioned in the project documentation.

The process of data validation also follows a similar method as data verification, and uses information and data from the project documentation to make sure that the data is usable and meets the documented acceptance criteria. Data validation checks the workability aspect of data before it is processed.

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Improve the quality of data of your sales and marketing databases through data validation and data verification services from

With the speed of change in today's world, it is more difficult than ever to stay assured that your data is current and accurate. With address and data validation services from, discover where your prospects are! is one of the leading players in data and email address validation services. We undertake validation and profiling of business data, providing you the highest quality of cleansed data by capturing, and subsequently authenticating the contact details for hard to find individuals or business contacts. We also provide our clients with telephonic validation and verification services to ensure that they stay in touch with all their stakeholders. We work on enhancing your productivity and ensuring that your budget is not squandered marketing to the wrong prospects.

To increase the response rates and efficiency of your marketing messages, besides, of course, making them reach the right contacts, our experts perform high quality email and postal address validation services.

Key features of our data validation services include:

Data Quality / Data Hygiene / Data Cleansing: With, stay confident that you are positively reaching your clients, prospects and contacts. We will meticulously verify and validate your data, so that you can successfully launch your sales and marketing campaigns.

Contact Information: Get access to a verified list of current and relevant phone numbers, postal addresses, data related to demographic and corporate structure, etc.

Data Standardization and Normalization: Optimize the efficiency and accuracy of your business development initiatives, with standardized and normalized business names and other details.

Our team of data validation experts is adept at working on all the latest technology and has access to required databases, enhancing your data quality and improving your ROI. provides a range of data entry and management services creating and maintaining databases along with data verification.

To explore more about our data validation and/or data verification services, please contact us.

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