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Social Media Data Extraction & Research is a specialized provider of social media research services. Our services are designed to improve your business intelligence and enhance your online presence. We have a team of professionals who have the expertise to leverage social media research in business promotion, networking, and customer support. With our services at your disposal, you can give a new boost to your core business activity.

Wide Array of Social Media Data Mining & Web Research

We can effectively handle large-scale social media data extraction tasks. Mining information like Facebook URL, along with contact details, like names, email ids, postal addresses, cell phone numbers, etc. from Facebook profiles are just a few services from our plethora of full-spectrum data entry solutions.

We can place this information in an excel spreadsheet, and can upload it into any other database, or as suggested by the client. We can also match the profiles against the criteria or attributes you mention. Our data mining specialists are adept at conducting social media research and data extraction processes while ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Our social media web research and data mining services are specially designed to give you the desired results within a quick turnaround time.

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Our Key Social Media Research Services

Accurate & Reliable LinkedIn Data Extraction and Research Services

Extracting or scraping data of companies and user profiles from LinkedIn is what our data mining experts are best at. As part of our LinkedIn data mining services, we help you scrape not only the data pertaining to a professional user, but also aid in retrieving information related to business profile pages. When done manually, it might consume a great deal of your effort, time, and attention. At, we dedicate our working hours to deal with the time zone differences optimally and handle multiple LinkedIn data scraping jobs efficiently.

Our data specialists go all out to provide assistance in collating data from various LinkedIn company pages and profiles, and get the requisite information including your potential employee details, data pertaining to recruitments and job postings.

LinkedIn is the most sought-after platform for professionals including job seekers, recruiters, and entrepreneurs. Our experts in LinkedIn data extraction help you get access to relevant, accurate, and reliable data based on your distinct needs.

We are always a step ahead in rendering the most well-organized and cost-efficient LinkedIn data scraping services without posing any intractable problems.

What data can be scraped or extracted from LinkedIn?

There is a lot of information that can be retrieved from the LinkedIn platform majorly including the following data fields:

Broad Spectrum of LinkedIn Mining & Research Services We Offer

We lend a helping hand in taking care of the various complexities such as profiles of specific users (based on geographies or keywords) and multiple languages. With the employment of our data-driven technologies, we help you carry out an effective LinkedIn data mining process to devise an ideal data strategy to grow and scale your business to success in no time!

Here's what we offer as part of our LinkedIn data mining services:

Let us glance through what you must expect from our LinkedIn data extraction services rendered at a large scale

Outsource data mining for LinkedIn to us for rendering accurate, cost-efficient, & reliable solutions.

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Why Choose LinkedIn Data Scraping Services

Searching every profile manually becomes quite challenging. With LinkedIn data scraping services, businesses across different industry verticals can search for the relevant profiles quite easily and get access to all the relevant profile and company data in the form of a single, well-organized comprehensive database. You won't have to look for multiple accounts anymore. Through LinkedIn data scraping, you will be able to get all the requisite information based on your needs and preferences under one roof!

Choosing us as your LinkedIn data mining outsourcing partner

If you intend to extract profile and company data from LinkedIn, then choosing to outsource LinkedIn scraping services to our professional data engineers is all you need to free up time and focus on your core business processes. We will help you easily extract the LinkedIn data and integrate the relevant information into your business activities to create unique business solutions. As a leading Linkedin data scraping service provider, we assist you in transforming unstructured and disorganized data from the LinkedIn platform into a rather standardized arrangement.

Choosing our quality-driven data mining services for LinkedIn will allow you to extract bulk data in a quick and seamless manner, thereby saving your valuable time and allowing you to work on other critical tasks. Our experts make your life a lot simpler with fast, accurate, and reliable LinkedIn data extraction solutions.

Case in Point

The Client Requirement
A Singapore-based media and entertainment company wanted to gain precise and actionable insight through social media data research and collection, authentication, cleansing, validation, and data reproduction on its social networking website. The work involved two major facets:

Our Solution has deployed a team of 15 social media experts to research and consequently build out identities of leading figures from every walk of life. Research is conducted primarily from Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Google. Our data mining experts extract information from Facebook personal and Facebook community pages; identify the right Twitter handle, image URLs, etc.

In the first instance,'s social media research team examines the profiles at Facebook, to determine the credibility of the accounts of famous personalities. The criteria against which the profiles are gauged through include the information provided on their Facebook page - name, date of birth, profile image, professional occupation, and links to their own blog, website, Wikipedia, etc. The social profiles are further cross-referenced and verified using Wikipedia, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The team also supports the client in building authentic celebrity pages on the client's social networking interface. This allows the fans to follow and connect with their sports stars, entertainers, and public leaders through a site that is trusted, genuine, and verified. The team has already created approximately 0.45 million accounts in the last 1.5 years from the time the project was commissioned.


Social media research & mining services from have helped the client competitively position itself among leading social networking sites and maximize its revenue generation efforts through the client's paid advertisement programs.

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What are the various sources of data for social media researchers?

The major data sources for social media research that you can leverage include the following:

Can you extract LinkedIn data on the basis of geography?

Yes, of course! We help our clients in carrying out LinkedIn data mining not only on the basis of geography, but also on the basis of a particular industry, keyword, profile language, service category, or a specific combination thereof.

Do you offer industry-specific data scraping as well?

There are several industries that we cater to as part of our LinkedIn research services including transportation, manufacturing, computer software, cosmetics, automobile, media & advertising, financial services, education management, hospital & healthcare, eCommerce, construction, information technology & services, online auctions, cargo handling, real estate, accounting, among a plethora of others.

The job largely depends on your data needs pertaining to lead generation, sales tactics, competitor analysis, price comparisons, and market analysis. As part of our LinkedIn data extraction services, we research various industry-specific news feeds, forums, internal and external feedback, video sharing sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Vimeo, along with industry-specific blogs. In addition, we also make use of Google Survey, Google Trends, and a gamut of other Social Listening and Audience Intelligence Analysis tools to decode our social media research efforts to determine and compare customer preferences, market trends, and patterns, and gain useful insights from the research.

Are you adept at handling LinkedIn research projects in bulk?

We have a proficient team of experienced data research specialists working dedicatedly on every single project assigned. Our social media research experts are well-trained to deliver individual as well as bulk projects efficaciously, especially when it comes to LinkedIn. We can work on multiple projects simultaneously without compromising on the quality and hindering the outcomes. Be it a small project or a big one, we ensure that clients get accurate and reliable insights from various LinkedIn data sources. If you are seeking to outsource LinkedIn scraping services and wondering if that can be carried out in bulk, then you have arrived at just the right place!

How to check the accuracy of the research data?

We are one of the pioneering LinkedIn data mining companies making sure that the data collated by our social media research experts is only from safe, authentic, and valid sources. We refrain from retrieving false, unreliable, or redundant data and also follow strict safety protocols to achieve and maintain the highest data quality standards at all times. With a dedicated quality control team working diligently at your disposal, we go all out to render reliable, error-free, and relevant research data without compromising on the quality.

How to scrape LinkedIn data using Python?

Python is basically used to scrape personal LinkedIn company pages and profiles, helping businesses turn the data into structured JSON. However, this needs to be done quite carefully to avoid violation of LinkedIn's stringent anti-scraping policies resulting in the blacklisting of the IPs making unusual or unauthenticated requests.

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