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ePublishing Services provides support for the entire content lifecycle, from content development, graphic design to multi-media enrichment and conversion services delivered in your preferred file format. We provide ePublishing and eBook production services to distinguished publishers, organizations and institutions from across the globe.

We have over a decade of experience in helping content providers create, improve, and transform their content. We offer a comprehensive range of ePublishing services, enabling you to publish your books in whatever format you want it in and at a high quality.

Our team of experienced professionals are adept at typesetting books in diverse languages such as English, French, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and many other languages. Our experts can handle even the most complicated pre-press and typesetting projects related to technical, medical, educational, mathematical, scientific books, encyclopedia and journals.

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Utilizing proven methodologies, has successfully converted millions of pages and have become the most reliable and preferred partner for many well-known publishers.

eBook Production: Being Technologically Sound Yields Great Results

Technology and how it is being used both are crucial for the success of time-bound quality deliverables. uses proven IT infrastructure, tools, technology and practices which leads to quality deliverables each time.

ePublishing Services & Solutions

eBook Production Services

We produce Interactive eBooks with HTML5 & ePub3, Enhanced eBooks with rich multi-media features such as audio, video, animation, etc., eBook formatting and conversion (ePub, ePub3, iBooks Author, KF8), Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions, Flash to HTML5 Conversion, Digital Learning Media, etc.

Utilizing our extensive experience of delivering eBook conversion services for over a decade, we have built our own in-house processes, enabling us to easily and efficiently repurposing content in both reflowable and fixed layout ePub file formats. Many well-known children's book and textbook publishers have partnered with us for developing vanilla eBooks, enhanced eBooks and other digital content having interactive elements.

STM Journals Conversion Services can help STM publishers in the conversion of journals or magazines into SGML, XML and HTML format. These formats are ratified on the basis of Document Type Definition (DTD) as required by you. Our team of experts have rich experience in converting science and medical journals in PubMed, DocBook, S1000D formats, etc., by using cutting-edge tools and technology developed primarily for providing content in ready to publish file formats.

eLearning Services specializes in providing customized eLearning solutions according to your requirements. We have a resource pool of highly talented professionals who can help you in designing, developing and delivering interactive eLearning solutions. Our team is composed of highly experienced and skilled instructional designers, creative artists, content developers, etc.

2D & 3D Animations Services  has years of experience of producing highly interactive eBooks, incorporating host of multimedia features, 2D and 3D animation, internal and external linking, voice-overs and sound effects, etc. We specialize in creating engaging children's eBooks and eLearning books rich in animation and sound effects – providing users with a great reading experience.

Typesetting & Pre-press Services has a resource pool of experienced and talented typesetters, book designers and quality control experts to make sure that the published content is error-free and has perfect layout and formatting before it is published. Our proofreaders check the content for spelling mistakes, grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors providing a professional look and feel to your manuscripts.

ePublishing Project Management has a dedicated and skilled team of professionals who are adept at working with cutting-edge technology to provide digital publishing solutions that match your requirements. We use proven methodologies to deliver quality services from start to finish. We have a proactive communications culture, which helps in identifying and resolving potential problems much earlier in the project lifecycle.

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Working with us is hassle-free. We leverage cutting edge technology, combined with the expertise of our ePublishing professionals, and are all decked up to match your expectations in terms of cost, quality, turnaround time and support.

By outsourcing customized ePublishing services to us, our clients can substantially reduce costs, boost ROI, enhance efficiency and better meet the needs of customers. Please write to us at to get started.

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Digital Publishing Services

Like all industries, the publishing industry too has been impacted and altered by the digital revolution. Thus, electronic publication, or ePublishing, of books, journals, newspapers and magazines made possible by digital technology is getting increasingly popular. Epublishing can be done in a variety of formats – on a CD ROM, as a downloadable PDF file, on the web in the HTML format, or in any of the many formats meant for the hand-held electronic reading devices like Kindle, Kobo or Cybook.

Epublishing offers a number of advantages over traditional hard copy publishing. Production of books, magazines and journals in the electronic format is cheaper and, if done by specialists, quicker. Publishers can, as a result, make bigger margins and authors can receive better royalties on their works. More importantly, both publishers and authors can reach a much wider audience as the distribution of ebooks is hassle-free and does not require middlemen and retailers. An ebook can also be interactive in a manner a paper book cannot be. It can incorporate multimedia features such as audio, animation and graphics, even short video clips and music. Epublishing allows for some ingenious advertising as live web links and email addresses can be inserted in an electronically published magazine or journal. Epublishing has been a special boon for the academic community all over the world facilitating the easy sharing of journals, research and archival material and research papers. A digital library like the JSTOR which provides access to about two thousand digitized journals and millions of articles has become the very life breath for thousands of scholars and researchers.

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Its multiple benefits notwithstanding, ePublishing is even more difficult than traditional publishing in many ways. Production of satisfactory ebooks requires a thorough understanding of both traditional publishing methods and digital media. For traditional publishers developing in-house ePublishing facilities is prohibitively expensive, so also for someone venturing into ePublishing for the first time. Epublishing requires customized machinery, technology and specially trained man-power and is best outsourced to a skilled partner.

At we possess a large and highly trained team specializing in the production of ebooks. We provide our ePublishing services with a judicious mix of the latest and the sophisticated technology and skilled human intervention. Whatever be the nature of the ePublishing work you assign to us, the production of an ebook, a technical manual or scientific and medical journals, we will perform it for you efficiently and economically.

The method we follow:

We have highly trained and skilled personnel specializing in and taking care of different aspects of the ePublishing process – scanning, keyboarding, conversion of the text in the HTML or XML format, preparation of the graphics and the layout and copy editing and proofreading.

Before beginning the ePublishing process, we thoroughly discuss the modalities of a project with the client so that our services and the client's requirements are in perfect concord. We also determine a style sheet in consultation with the client and our copy editors adhere to it strictly. After the text has been keyed in and converted in the required format our copyeditors and proofreaders comb it for spelling and grammatical errors. We remove them all and also incorporate author corrections and formatting changes in case there are any. We are careful to ensure that all images, diagrams and photographs are correctly scanned in the highest resolution. Once the pagination is finalized and all corrections and changes are done, the finished work is put through a rigorous quality check so that we deliver only the best product to our clients.

We can provide the end product in whichever format our clients' choose – SGML, XML, XHTML, ePub, ePub3, Mobipocket, Kindle Fire, KF8, HTML, HTML5, Palm eReader, Microsoft Reader, DTBook or PDF. Our clients can hand us a source file in both electronic and hard copy formats, we can even work on a handwritten manuscript.

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