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Interactive eBooks bring in an entirely different approach to content creation, not only engaging the readers creatively with the content but also equipping them with interactive abilities.

Make your eBooks interactive and visually absorbing. Leveraging the power of HTML5 and CSS3, can help you create spectacular CSS3 transitions and riveting animations in compelling and emotionally engaging formats. Vis-à-vis ePub, HTML5 as a technology works smoothly across all devices, be it PCs, eReaders, Tablets, or Smartphones.

Our experts have the requisite expertise and vast years of experience to deliver highly interactive eBook conversion services. We aim to meet the expectations on all the key parameters and strive to provide a rather immersive reading experience. We have been serving a massive clientele with quality-driven, cost-efficient solutions curated just for them! Outsource interactive eBook conversion services to make your eBooks accessible across the platforms where your prospective readers are.

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Interactive eBooks with HTML5 & CSS3 from

Interactive and animated eBooks are the next big thing, bringing stories effectively and animatedly "to life"! is actively involved in the production of animated eBooks, adopting multimedia features, for instance, 2D animation, slide shows, internal and external linking, music, voice-overs and a number of sound effects. We also exploit tablet features, namely page swipe or tap for page turning. The comprehensive suite of our interactive ebook development services caters to the needs of publishers and authors who want to leverage emerging technologies to reach out to their target audience. is one of the leading players in the segment of animated ePub children eBooks and interactive eBooks. With our innovative, multimedia rich, highly interactive apps for tablets and smartphones, created specifically to take advantage of the devices, we aim to tell stories and provide information to children in new and engaging ways. Our interactive eBook production solutions are designed to enhance the overall learning experience of your target audience.

When it comes to creating eBooks with animation and sound effects, our thrust area is children's books, eLearning content, poetry books where the words of the poet can be augmented with the help of animation, or titles with brilliant imagery, where animation would enrich the reader's experience. supports publishers and authors in interactive eBook creation. Key highlights of our services:

Learn more about adding interactivity and animation to your eBooks with interactive eBook services from . Get in touch with us today!

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