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Professional eBook Conversion Services

Technology giants like Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and Barnes & Noble have brought substantial changes in the way content is collated, distributed, and utilized. Infact, the emergence of interactive digital books has helped in engaging the readers and providing them with a rather enjoyable learning experience.

Do you intend to render an immersive experience to your eBook readers? Data-Entry-India.com helps to create, transform, enrich, curate, produce, and manage your valuable content assets and supports in delivering end-to-end eBook creation services along with eBook conversion services for authors, publishers, and businesses worldwide.

We provide a full range of eBook creation and professional eBook conversion services, using the ePub standard, from PDF, MS Word, and other formats for digital publishing. Our digital experts can help you convert content from electronic (in any format) as well as paper resources into eBook formats like ePub3, Fixed Layout ePub, Kindle, DTBook, MobiPocket, Adobe Acrobat PDF / ePDF, Palm eReader, and Microsoft Reader, to name a few.

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We, as a renowned eBook conversion services company, can lend a helping hand in converting your eBooks from virtually any format, be it Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, or HTML, to any desired eBook format such as ePub, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, or any other preferred one.

Outsource eBook Conversion Services To Maximize the Value of Your Digital Content

eBooks are here to rule the world. By creating eBooks in the desired format or getting them converted into a format of choice, authors and publishers can enjoy maximum benefits such as fulfilling readers' digital needs and improving content visibility. After all, adapting to the ever-dynamic digital environment to cater to the growing demands of the readers is the need of the hour.

Input Formats For eBook Conversion

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Various eBook Formats Where We Possess Expertise

Internet has the ability to connect readers and writers. Infact, several technological innovations have made the electronic search of books easier. In addition, the emergence of the market of digital devices has increased the downloading and portability of books. A variety of eBook Formats have been invented by different companies to take advantage of this phenomenon.

We, at Data-Entry-India.com, have ensured that we learn all eBook Formats that are currently available to ensure that our clients stay current with the technological innovations and ahead of their competition.

ePub / ePub3 (.ePub extension)

It is an open eBook standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum that provides reflowable digital content ensuring that text display can be optimized for a particular display device. It uses XHTML and DTBook standards for text representation. It uses three specifications: Open Publication Structure that contains formatting the content; Open Packaging Format that describes the structure of .ePub file in XML; OEBPS Container Format that collects all files as a ZIP archive.

One of the most widely acceptable eBook formats of the day, ePUB3 offers superior digital publishing and enhanced reading experience across thousands of portable devices. It comes equipped with advanced functional capabilities for smoother navigation, improved formatting and interactivity, content switching and scripting, international language support, rich media overlays, geo-location and extensive support for MathML features, etc.

ePub Books can be read on Windows and MAC computers with ADE (Adobe Digital Edition) e-reader; on Linux computers with software like FB reader; on iPods with Stanza, on eBook readers like SonyReader, on your web browser with Bookworm.

KF8 (Amazon Kindle) eBook (.kf8 extension)

Fortified with more than 150 formatting capabilities and features, Kindle Format 8 is the next-gen file format used for eBook conversion. It enables digital publishers to leverage the CSS or HTML for creating superior quality Kindle fixed layout eBooks with images, graphics, illustrations, massive design elements, tables, and graphs. Therefore, the KF8 fixed-layout format is perfect for converting children's books, cookbooks, comics, coffee table books, graphic novels, books such as table books, and STM journals with plenty of figures and diagrams, etc.

DTBook (.dtb extension)

It is an XML-based eBook format developed by DAISY Consortium for people with print disabilities. It focuses on audio and text eBooks.

MobiPocket (.mobi or .prc extension)

It is a binary format for eBook distribution based on HTML and with reflowable content which can be adjusted to the screen size. It gives the flexibility to the user to modify font size, font family, margin size, line spacing, embed the images in different sizes, use of different frames, superior compression. It is compliant with open standards like XHTML, JavaScript, OEB, and SQL. The file format produced by it is secure as it implements a Digital Rights Management (DRM) for distribution.

MSReader (.lit extension)

This eBook format can only be read in Microsoft Reader format which uses the patented ClearType display technology. Using the .lit extension, it is based on XML-based OEB Publication Standard. Some of the tools available for publishing MSReader EBooks are ReaderWorks, Mobipocket Publisher, Quark Xtension, Microsoft Reader add-in for MS Word, Microsoft Reader Content SDK 1.5. It is widely used for eBook conversion pertaining to paperbacks, novels, books, spreadsheets, word documents, and PDFs.

Adobe Reader (.pdf extension)

Adobe Reader is the most widely used format for eBook conversion. It has emerged as a successful eBook format because it reproduces the appearance of the page, whether it is a simple text or complex graphics and it is freely downloadable. It allows publishers to protect their documents by disallowing printing, copying, and setting an expiry date for the document. However, PDF files cannot be made reflowable to fit small screens.

eReader (.pdb extension)

It is a freeware program for Palm Digital Media eBooks. It uses a very basic text system called Palm Markup Language, which is a text file with markers added to create formatting. This format displays text one page at a time.

However, it has features like embedded hyperlinks, images, bookmarks and footnotes, and an integrated reference dictionary. The PML file can be converted into an eReader eBook using either of the programs offered by eReader: DropBook or eBookStudio.

Desktop Author (.dnl; .exe extension)

It is a format developed by DNL that creates digital web books with virtual turning pages. This format can be applied over brochures, eBooks, digital photo albums, digital diaries, forms, and surveys.

SonyReader (.lrf; .lrx extension)

Sony has developed a BBeB (BroadBand eBook) format for use in the SonyReader. It has limited use because of its non-usability on non-Sony Reader devices.

Why Are We An Obvious Choice For eBook Conversion Services?

Our team of dedicated eBook developers can help clients seamlessly transition from print to digital. We begin by understanding the client's project requirements. We are proficient in embedding images, audio/video content, games, quizzes, etc. to develop engaging and interactive eBooks. Here is a myriad of reasons why you should partner with Data-Entry-India.com for professional eBook conversion services:

Partner With The Leading Professional eBook Conversion Service Provider

Outsource eBook conversion services to Data-Entry-India.com to engage the readers and expand the reach. You can trust us to develop appealing digital content having rich media features and high levels of interactivity, for all popular eReader devices, such as iPad and iPhone, Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's NOOK, and Mobipocket readers.

For more information about our comprehensive range of eBook creation and conversion services, you can simply write to us at info@data-entry-india.com and our experts will get in touch with you shortly.


1. How much does it cost to convert eBooks?

Well, it entirely depends on the type of book that needs conversion, the format in which it is in, and the complexity of the layout. We have flexible pricing plans that fit every kind of budget. All you need to do is choose a suitable one for your conversion needs and you are good to go!

2. Can physical books be converted to eBooks?

Yes, of course, you can! Our digital experts will help you convert your physical books into eBooks from just about any format and into a format of your choice. Get in touch with us to know more!

3. Do you proofread or edit my manuscript?

Proofread is an essential step of our eBook conversion service. Our experts ensure that the manuscript is checked for any errors and mistakes, and revisions are made based on the findings.

4. How to choose a perfect outsourcing partner to create your eBooks?

You should search for a digital professional who offers quick and affordable eBook creation services just like we do. Get in touch with one of our digital experts to know more about our impeccable digital solutions.

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