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DTBook Conversion Services

There are many who would like to read but lack the time for it. Then there are very small children who have not yet learnt to read and those with visual or reading disabilities. DTBooks are the ideal solution for them. They are a kind of electronic book with an embedded audio file. It moves from page to page on its own so that the listening experience remains an uninterrupted one. DTBooks also come with several interactive features and navigation tools that allow one to bookmark a certain portion and explore the content. If designed well a DTBook can be both very instructive and exciting for those who are impaired from accessing the printed word or lack the time for it.

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Our DTBook conversion services are ideal for big organizations and publishers who seek to convert eBooks into the digital talking format in large numbers. We are also well equipped to serve the needs of government agencies and libraries who want to develop books for readers with reading or visual disabilities. We, as a DTBook conversion company, scrupulously follow the guidelines laid down by Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) which needs DTBooks to also have text content like that of a regular book. The DTBooks developed by us will be easily searchable and navigable. At we can work on any kind of source file provided by the client - word file, printed books or digital books, articles, journals, PDF, Indesign or Quark - and turn it into an XML file which is the first step to the preparation of a DTBook. Our DTBook conversion services strictly adhere to the NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard).

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