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Digital Content Conversion Services

Digital content conversion is the transformation of traditional printed or analog content into an electronic form that can be handled by the computer, shared digitally and posted or disseminated online. Digital content conversion can also mean conversion from one digital medium into another. Digital content conversion services are essential to the production of ebooks, ejournals, digital publishing platforms, websites, mobile apps, etc. They are also helpful if you want to rid your organization of large volumes of legacy content like microfilms and microfiche, magnetic tapes and, of course, printed material. Digital content conversion boundlessly simplifies the distribution, storage and retrieval of content.

Data-Entry-India.com's Digital Content Conversion Services:

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At Data-Entry-India.com we offer cost-effective and competent digital content conversion services. Whatever the source format, digital or non-digital, we will transform it into a form of digital output of your preference. We use the latest technology for conversion and digitization. Our team can scan, tag, input, index, label and develop digital content for publishing to all media types. As we go about our job, we also structure, edit and validate the digital source files. From producing eBooks, interactive textbooks and digital journals to building websites, at Data-Entry-India.com we can do it all.

We offer quality eBook Publishing solutions for multiple devices. We produce eBooks in the latest and the most popular formats such as Kindle Format8 (KF8), Fixed-Layout ePub with Read-Aloud features, ePub 3, Enhanced ePub, etc. for publishers across the world. We specialize in developing children's apps, interactive games and custom eBook applications for multiple platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian Mobile. If you choose to, you can even collaborate with us as we produce ebooks and develop apps for you.

Whether it is converting print books into ebooks, digitizing legal documents or preparing content for multimedia delivery in HTML, you can rely on the expertise of our team. Further, if you are wondering how to channel your digital publications to your readers or repurpose product or training information, our digital conversion services are the panacea. For every one of our content conversion processes, we employ specialists so that the end product is of the highest quality and gives you no cause for complaint. Every year we convert millions of pages into versatile, easily shareable and searchable digital assets.

Our turnaround times are the best and we ensure complete data security.At Data-Entry-India.com your content is converted maintaining the highest possible accuracy at the lowest possible price.

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