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Forms Processing Services

All businesses and organizations need to process and delve into copious numbers of forms for data and information. Whether medical and insurance claim forms, tax statements, invoices and purchase orders, survey and feedback questionnaires, information packets filled out by trade show attendees or human resource documents completed by employees, businesses must handle them all on a daily basis.

The worth of the data yielded by forms is immense, but the man-hours and resources needed to process forms and the information lying therein can be equally colossal. Nevertheless, the task must be performed so that businesses operate on optimum levels of efficiency and productivity. More so since the data harvested from forms is often of long term value and must be preserved for future reference. There are however, the issues involved in forms processing best handled by specialists. As it takes long durations and significant human effort, the data keyed in by the user may result in typos and nullify all the hard work. Forms processing is a time-consuming and labor intensive process in the broadest sense, from the processing of small application forms to large scale survey forms with multiple pages, it includes all.

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When businesses outsource forms processing services, they not only save lots of man-hours and resources, but are also able to capture information entered into the forms' data fields and convert it into an electronic format. Thus, forms processing services are a category of data processing and involve extracting information from customized or structured forms, scanned images and faxes which is then updated on a range of output formats like MS Word, Access or Excel. Business forms processing services help businesses process large volumes of data efficiently and securely.

Advantages of Outsourcing Forms Processing Services to

At we have been providing extremely competent forms processing services to businesses across the world for fourteen years. We can handle both structured and unstructured forms with equal dexterity and regularly process coupons, surveys, questionnaires, application forms and order forms. Legal forms processing services and business forms processing services are or key areas of expertise. With our experience, we can perform even the most voluminous and complex form processing jobs with savvy and accuracy. Our forms processing services are affordable, comprehensive, and flexible. They can be customized and deployed promptly to provide you the most satisfactory results. For example, if you are into real estate, we can provide you with rental forms processing services as per your individual needs.

We combine the latest in technology with an adaptability which allows our solutions to be tailored to suit the design and type of the forms being processed. We will extract and arrange the data contained by your hardcopy and image based forms into electronic formats to ease its storage and retrieval. As we have the experience of working with clients in various industries, we will be able to grasp your particular requirements easily and devise the most practical and efficacious forms processing solutions for you. We scan and convert forms' data into electronic formats using our own in-house software.

At we are sticklers for accuracy. To ensure as perfect a data capture as possible we use a double key process or create validation tools based on a set of rules. We also undertake the data capture of handwritten forms upon which ICR/OCR tools are ineffective. We process all kinds of forms - purchase orders, invoices, tax statements, medical or insurance claims, credit card applications, market research forms and all online forms.

By hiring our forms processing experts you will extricate your business from the never ceasing expenses on personnel, software and hardware required for processing forms. With improved data organization, you will also better your customer service capabilities and obviate expenditure on correcting data entry errors. Our services are ideal for insurance companies, banks, hospitals, educational institutions, libraries, legal firms, retailers and logistics companies. Our ability to serve a wide range of industry verticals has made us one of the leading offshore forms processing companies.

Application Areas:

Advantages of our Forms Processing Services:

Accuracy: We have a dedicated team which specializes in various types of forms processing.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our services are available at one-third of the price quoted by others.

The Best Turnaround Time: Our turnaround times are the best in the industry. If needed, we can accomplish a project within 24 hrs.

Experience: With more than ten years' experience, we can identify solutions that would work for a particular business.

Automated Forms Processing Systems: We employ this system to minimize the scope of errors, to cut down on costs and increase productivity and quality.

Built-in Advanced Validations: Deployed at the time of data entry and QA. They ensure accuracy of data.

Customized Data Delivery: Data can be delivered in any format like Word, Access, Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, HTML, online entry and others. We can deliver you the data through your preferred mode of transmission, be it FTP, CD/DVD or email.

Return of Forms: We can return you the physical documents by a secure courier service if you want them back.

We are fully committed to the safety and security of your data. Our customer care services are available 24*7. For more information on our Forms Processing Services mail us at

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