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Typing and Transcription Services

All businesses and professionals such as lawyers, doctors and chartered accountants need to have documents drafted and typed in large numbers every day. They also sit through meetings, conferences, and conversations whose records need to be preserved. Simply doing audio or video recordings of these proceedings is not enough, they have to be transcribed too. These transcripts might then be posted online or distributed among the attendees. Maintaining in-house staff and infrastructure for typing and transcription services is a drain on money besides being time consuming. You can rid yourself of the burden by outsourcing Typing and Transcription Services.

At we ease the daily business of clients in various industries and professions with our efficient and affordable typing and transcription services. Our clients include lawyers, accountants, doctors, students, property professionals and general commercial businesses. Our legal transcription services are specially designed to give you maximum value for your money. You can also leverage our low cost printed typing services to save you productive time and resources.

If you need help with documents that are smudgy, not clear, pixelated, not fit for OCR or of poor handwriting, you can hire us immediately. We hold expertise in converting such documents into editable format with bare minimum errors. As a part of our typing, data entry and data processing services we type data from:

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We can adapt our pricing scheme depending upon your preferences and the size of the project. You can either pay us on a per page basis or can settle for a bulk payment. You are guaranteed near hundred percent accuracy and complete confidentiality when you assign your documents to us for typing.

As a part of our transcription services we transcribe routine correspondence, notes and minutes of meetings, conferences, telephone conversations, interviews and hearings. We assign each of our clients a team of typists who specialize in a particular kind of transcription work. The team is headed by a project manager who constantly keeps in touch with a client to know his requirements and keep him posted on the progress of the project. The gamut of our transcription services covers all your needs. Whether it is audio transcription services handwritten manuscript typing services, we do it all for you with accuracy and speed. We provide our clients with a service which is professional and efficient and yet personalized. We are equally comfortable working on both audio and video files. We also perform voice mail transcription and toll free dictation transcription as a part of our transcription services.

Our printed copy typing services are especially relevant for the legal profession. As a part of our legal transcription services we will accurately commit to the written word proceedings of court hearings, interrogations, pleadings and depositions. Lawyers and legal firms can save on valuable time and money by outsourcing their routine transcription work to us. They can either hire our services on a day to day basis or employ us for specific projects. The time difference between India and the west means that when you sleep we are up and awake. You can send us your audio and video files at the end of a business day, we will work on them and finish the transcription by the time you return to work the next morning.

At we provide the following typing and transcription services:

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