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Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services

Paperless offices have become the norm today. If your business too requires converting large volumes of paper files into electronic files on a regular basis, consider outsourcing the task to an acclaimed Indian data entry service provider like Data-Entry-India.com.

At Data-Entry-India.com, we have a team of more than 1000 data entry professionals who work 24*7 to compress, convert and centralize loads of paper files "whether printed or handwritten" into our clients' preferred digital formats. We use our skilled workforce, advanced tools, and stringent quality control processes to provide you with fast and accurate data entry services.

Printed Documents Data Entry Services at Data-Entry-India.com

Collecting relevant data from printed documents and collating those to a single database is a time consuming task. You can leave the job in our safe hands, and concentrate on your core business. Our expert operators have years of experience in data entry from dictionaries, manuals to online applications or databases, ensuring near-perfect accuracy. We offer our data entry services for different types of printed documents, such as,

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Depending on the project, we may use OCR tools for scanning the images, along with double-keying data entry to ensure near 100% accuracy.

Handwritten documents data entry services at Data-Entry-India.com

Human intervention is almost essential in data entry from handwritten documents. We use a combination of skilled human operators and advanced tools to ensure accuracy in data entry of handwritten documents. We provide a complete range of handwritten document data entry services, such as,

Why Outsource Printed/Handwritten Documents Data Entry Services to Data-Entry-India.com

Our team of data entry professionals have been providing data entry services of both printed and handwritten documents to global clients from different industries, such as, legal, healthcare, insurance, travel, shipping, and software. We are your ideal partner to outsource printed documents data entry services. You can also outsource handwritten document data entry services to us and expect the same flawless results. We are equipped with robust infrastructure and advanced tools coupled with a team of 1000+ professionals. This enables us to handle huge volumes of data entry tasks and offer you quick turnaround. We have a stringent quality control system in place to ensure 99.95 accuracy. Finally, we take special care in maintaining security and confidentiality of data. Here are some key reasons why you should outsource printed/handwritten document data entry tasks to us.

India is the most popular destination for data entry tasks, according to 2014 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report. This is mainly because India has the much required workforce to provide quality data entry work at competitive rates. If you are planning to outsource data entry tasks from printed or handwritten documents, please contact Data-Entry-India.com right away!

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