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HTML and XHTML Conversion Services

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the basic markup language for the creation of web pages and coding of the information that is displayed in a web browser. HTML uses a variety of tags and attributes to create the structure and layout of a webpage. It links the text, sounds and images that appear on a webpage in a non-sequential manner so that they create interactive forms and enhance the browsing experience. Today, HTML is the most widely used document format in the world.

XHTML (Extensible Hypertext markup Language), on the other hand, belongs to the XML family of markup languages. Compared to HTML it has stricter syntax rules and is useful for creating a more consistent and well-structured format for the web pages. XHTML makes a website easier to maintain, edit, format and convert. Further, it lets the browser parse and process web pages more easily.

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A presence on the web is indispensable for every modern business as it is the surest and most economical means of publicizing one's goods and services. They, as result, require to have vast amounts of data rendered in the HTML and XHTML formats. This has made good HTML and XHTML conversion services much sought after.

Outsource HTML and XHTML Conversion Services To Data-Entry-India.com:

At Data-Entry-India.com we will provide you both extremely competent and affordable HTML and XHTML Conversion Services.

Our HTML and XHTML conversion specialists are highly trained and conversant with the latest technology. Whether structured or unstructured, we can convert all kinds of data into the HTML or the XHTML formats. We can work on electronic files of all formats and also hardcopy files. We use state of the art HTML and XHTML conversion tools and automated editors which can recognize the layout, file structure, headings, bulleted lists, tables, emphasis and code samples, etc. of any data format and can convert it with the required HTML and XHTML tags. Special effects or image files do not hinder us either. We possess the technology and the competence to convert even them into the HTML and XHTML formats. Whenever necessary, our HTML and XHTML conversion specialists will augment a page by adding headers and footers, titles and colors. Features such as hyperlinks, document cross-links, URLs, bookmarks, document meta-information and PowerPoint slide titles can also be included in the HTML and XHTML conversion process. If we feel that the data at hand is too complex for the automated editors we hand-code the HTML and XHTML layouts. We will also embed semantic markups in an HTML and XHTML page in order to make it more SEO compliant. All the while we will be on the alert so that there is no loss of data. Our HTML and XHTML conversion services are the most accurate that one can find. We have a special expertise in HTML5 conversion.

We can convert every file type - PDF, text, Excel, XML, PowerPoint, CSV, .doc, SGML, RTF, MS Word and PSD - into the HTML and XHTML formats.

For more information on our HTML and XHTML conversion services mail us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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