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Content Moderation Services

The new age of digitization is filling the internet with lots of user-generated content (UGC). There are thousands of posts, images and videos that people upload at any moment. These have become an important tool for driving marketing and sales campaigns. It even helps brands to generate conversation between customers so they can express their sentiments about any product or services. With this plethora of information, comes the need for content moderation services. This is to check and scan all the data available on your site. It helps prevent any act of cyber bullying and safeguards the sentiments of the users. It is also essential to protect your brand reputation and goodwill of your company.


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It is the duty of the site provider or webmaster for filtering contributions. They need to determine whether the content is acceptable by your brand and within the guidelines of the company policy. They need to be in constant look-out for malicious activities that can easily pass moderation tests. In such cases you need better machine learning algorithms or experienced individuals who can help you identify the damaging content.

There are lots of parameters in selecting the right technology. It must be devoid of any miscalculation, errors, unfiltered resource consumption and technical glitches. All this can be difficult for your in-house team. It is better to look for third-party companies to provide UGC moderation services. Often hiring locally can be costly and unproductive. New employees come with the hassle of interviewing, selecting, providing perks, breaks, allowance and high salaries. All this is easily avoidable by opting to outsource technical tasks to a capable vendor.

Outsource Content Moderation to Protect Your Brand

Data-Entry-India.com provides world-class quality and accurate results within quick turnaround time. We have experience of over 20 years working in different domains for content moderation outsourcing services. We understand that best results are obtainable by combining the output from human and machine intelligence. Therefore, we work to provide a systematic approach that is a mix of both human and computer judgement.

Our diverse workforce of data annotators, professional analysts, and social media experts work together. They provide content moderation services to a large volume of data in real-time to protect your site's reputation. They take the help of proven operational models to provide successful content filtration to many projects.

Services By Data-Entry-India.com for Content Moderation

Advantages of Choosing Data-Entry-India.com

Listed below are some benefits of content moderation outsourcing services from Data-Entry-India.com.

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Our specialists create customizable algorithms that can easily scan and check your website for unacceptable user input. It examines texts, photos, videos, comments, posts and links for obscene, illegal or insulting contributions based on identifying keywords. We also monitor your content manually for any incongruence in regulations and guidelines. We create alerts whenever there is a deviation from the company terms or policy. Then we follow it up with an appropriate response. For further information, contact us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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