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Video Annotation Services

We require high-quality training data for successful machine learning and artificial intelligence. It must be accurate, speedy, secure for training autonomous vehicles and drones. They must be able to recognize fast moving objects like other vehicles or humans in real-time. Such efficient results come from precise live video annotation. It helps is tagging, locating and tracking objects in picture-videos.

video annotation services

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Video annotation is adding a command to a frame. It involves analysing each video frame-by-frame and adding the right metadata to each. It is the process of capturing each object by drawing lines. This helps in better training of machine learning algorithms so they can recognize moving objects easily.

Often this can be tedious and time-consuming. Companies look for faster and cheaper alternatives in the market that can create flawless data sets for any project. Outsourcing is the only logical choice that meets all the expectations of a client.

Video Annotation Services for Computer Vision and Machine Learning has over 20+ years of experience in adapting to all the technological advancements. We help businesses across various domains with the right data support for machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have the best workforce that has the skills, latest tools, and best industry practices to provide excellent services.

We work on large volumes of video daily to provide meaningful and accurate annotations on each while preserving efficiency. Our professionals help create data sets that reflect the environment where you will use your model. They work as an extension of your in-house team. The team is easily scalable according to budget needs and project requirements.

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Object Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles

Video annotation services for machine learning are most useful in tracking self-driving cars and drones. Our perfect tagging and labelling helps autonomous vehicles in precise detection and recognition of objects on the road. Our reliable and accurate data sets enhance the capability of computer perception models in navigating through pathways. It also helps in predicting movement on a path and charting a course efficiently.

Pose Estimation and Tracking Activities

We are a video annotation services outsourcing company that provides appropriate localising, detecting and tagging of human movement in videos. It helps computer vision models in tracking the various human body poses. It can be useful in analysing player movements, recognizing action, gaming and animation. Our experts locate visible key points through a combination of manual and automatic techniques. We work continuously to improve our approach in estimating key points.

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