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When it comes to image clipping path services, don't take chances and trust our experts to do the right job for you.

Photo/Image Clipping Path Services

Image clipping path is a niche process that calls for qualified resources as it involves separating the key image from its background using hard-edged vector marking technique. This gives an ultimate presentation to your requirement. Now, this desired portion of an image is used for various purposes by publishing houses, graphic designing companies, photographic studios, advertising agencies, web developers, printing press and jewelry and catalog companies. Perhaps that is why the demand for image clipping path services is increasing with time.


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At, we take immense pleasure in sharing this fact with our clients that we're counted amongst one of the best image/photo clipping path service providers, and also, our broad customer base contains some of the world's best companies. Since we are based in India - a region with low-cost labor - we provide extremely affordable image clipping path services while maintaining the highest possible standards. However, the cost of our services is dependent on the complexity level of images. We also provide you with options to hire us either as a full-time resource or go for an hour-based pricing model, as per your convenience and needs. If you are looking for a reliable clipping path company that can take care of all your commercial needs, look no further; simply get in touch with us and get customized solutions.

Experience and Overall Support

A photograph that doesn't stand out from the crowd, for reasons like improper outlining or unattractive background, surely leaves an adverse effect on your growth graph. This is where plays a significant role wherein we are committed to visualize, capture and design your complete photo clipping path requirements.

While understanding the importance of attractive images for your businesses, we have categorized our photo clipping path services into four categories:

Simple Clipping Path - When images with smooth or straight edges are clipped.

Clipping Path with Reflection - We are good at adding smart mirror-like reflection to the key image by giving it a 3D look.

Complex Clipping Path - When a clipping path is made on images with multiple curves, edges and uneven surfaces. For instance, images of flowers and jewelry consume a lot of time.

Clipping Path with Shadow - We can add a natural drop shadow to give a more realistic look to the clipped images.

We have earned years of experience in offering a wide range of multimedia and graphical support services to ensure the finest clipping done in minimum turnaround time.

Our Other Services Include:

Contact us to ensure your requirements of clipping path services meeting critical deadlines in a quicker turnaround time and at a comparatively lower cost. You can also send us an email at to have your query related to our services and price models resolved.

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