Photo Masking Services

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Photo Masking Services

With professional photo/image masking services, is successfully catering the domestic and international clients. Our professional photoshop experts know all the intricacies associated with photo masking services, which we confidently offer to our respective clients. At, our team of dexterous photo masking experts is well-versed with the requisite tools and techniques employed during the image masking process. Here, our services are amalgamation of experience and innovation, thus, we assure you to deliver finest photos/images to our clients.


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Thus far, our professional masking experts have re-shaped millions of images; therefore, let your photos be in any form, with our proven photo masking services, we'll re-define the aesthetics of your images in the best possible manner. Our photoshop specialists are trained and experienced enough to put across superlative services, therefore, we assure to deliver premium solutions every time you approach us.

Why need Photo/Image Masking Services?

Photo masking is a process where required modification is brought into an image to hide a defect. Basically, masking is done to enhance the appearance of an image. The defect in an image is fully removed because we use proven image masking techniques. The talented resources at have adequate expertise at using these technologies to offer you world-class photo masking services at most competitive rates.

Masking photos is not only about covering up the irregularities on an image but it is about inducing a new life into the image. The high quality of services offered by helps in saving your precious time while meeting your exact requirements. We call ourselves unique because we do masking on most complex images with much ease to bring perfection.

We have processed nearly one million images over the past few years, meeting the exact needs of our clients. With a large team of over 50 dedicated graphic designers and artists, we assure a fast turnaround time to meet the demanding delivery schedule of our clients. Our clients include online retailers, catalog companies, publishing firms and advertising agencies etc. We have the experience of working with images across sectors such as jewelry, food, furniture, watches, clothing, real estate, animals, nature and other industrial products. Our proven track record of serving industries across the board makes us a reliable image/photo masking services company.

We have expertise at handling:

Photoshop Extraction: Any tool like magnetic lasso tool works well for sorting out an image from its background. But, Photoshop extraction tool works even better when it requires cutting of images with zigzag, furry, smoky or hairy edges. At, we help you save your time when it comes to separation of an image from its background with fine detail. Our talented pros leave no scope for error to make your investment worthwhile.

Layer Masking: It is one of the most powerful functionalities of Photoshop that takes any type of image to its highest version. The process of layer masking demands a lot of dedication, ardor, skill and time depending upon the portion to be masked. We at consider its usage when a picture demands adjustment in the sharpness, brightness, contrast, exposure, blurring, etc., and the correction in colors. The biggest benefit of using photoshop layer mask utilization for improving a picture's visibility is that the original image remains intact during masking.

Channel masking: Channel masking in Photoshop is a largely used image masking technique that makes the answer for all complex graphic design activities. As it offers enough possibilities for transforming an image into its perfect form, this has emerged as a preferred choice for graphic designers. At, we have done masking of several complex images using this technique in the past and have the capability to do the same for you, no matter how complex your requirement is.

Our Other Services Include:

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