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MS Word Conversion Services and Formatting Services

Microsoft Word is more than just another word processor for making letters, documents or reports. Most people just do not have the time or the skills to fully utilize Microsoft Word with all its features. Leveraging's expertise in Microsoft Word conversion and formatting as well as our design skills, we will take your plain looking documents and add a little more pizzazz to them. Not only that, we will also make sure that there is consistency across all your documents.

Microsoft Word offers a vast array of document formatting options, such as automatic numbering and automated contents and indexing, along with a variety of other automated formatting styles. But if you don't have a good understanding of these they can be a real minefield. Arranging page breaks, paragraph breaks, formatting fonts and resolving compatibility issues between the old and new versions of Microsoft Word is trying and immensely time consuming. Sometimes, the formatting you apply only on one paragraph affects the entire document. On other occasions, after all the trouble you take to format a document, its layout changes when you print it. Even trickier are page size and orientation issues - letter or legal, portrait or landscape - and inserting tables and breaking the text in columns. These little nettlesome things may inflict what is termed the 'snowflake syndrome' upon your documents, a situation when no two documents or two pages of the same document look the same in terms of formatting.

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When you outsource MS Word conversion and formatting to, we provide efficient and affordable services. It is cumbersome when businesses and organizations have their text files in various formats such as pdf, tiff and jpeg or in the hand written form. Not only is organizing data contained by diverse file types difficult but also transferring data from one file format to another is extremely inconvenient. An added difficulty is that you cannot edit data or information lying in pdf, tiff or jpg files. A good means of sidestepping these problems is to convert and standardise the diverse file types as Microsoft Word documents. Nevertheless, performing MS Word conversion in-house is likely to be both expensive and time consuming. Moreover, being a task that requires training and specialisation the results are also not likely to be to your satisfaction. Outsourcing MS Word conversion is a practical option in view of these difficulties.

Our MS Word Conversion Services:

We perform handwritten text to word, tiff to word, pdf to word and jpg to word conversion with adroitness and accuracy. Our PDF to MS Word conversion services will let you build as paperless an office as possible. We possess a highly trained and experienced team which can accomplish any project, big or small, complex or simple with great skill and dispatch. Aided by the latest technology, they will relieve you of the exhausting task of creating editable electronic troves of your documents. Our Microsoft Word conversion services include advanced Word processing and secretarial services, apart from text conversion services and PDF Text conversion services. Whenever needed, we will key data and incorporate graphics, logos, spreadsheets and charts into your documents and improve both their appearance and content. Using advanced word processing applications like Open Office, Lotus WordPro, WordPerfect, MS Word and Corel we can edit, style and store contracts, questionnaires, letters and memos, precedents, manuals, reports, forms, legal forms, and various other document types. Besides businesses, our services are ideal for universities, libraries, students, authors and book publishers.

Outsource MS Word Formatting Services

Our extremely skilled word formatters will rearrange and enhance the look of your word documents by applying a template suggested by you or one that best serves a particular industry's needs. While formatting your documents, we will take care of indentations, paragraphs, margins, page numbers, and headings. Besides, we will arrange and, if needed, correct the headers and footers, complex numbering, tab set styles, tables, quotes, footnotes/endnotes and citations. Our professionals can also design presentations, e-books, and proposals for you. For many years, we have been providing highly satisfactory offshore word formatting services to companies, technology firms, health based industries, law firms, publishing houses, universities, students and authors. We will improve document consistency and dynamically manage, collate and assemble documents in a manner that they will be deployable on multiple platforms including the web. All the while, you can be fully assured of the safety and confidentiality of your documents. We are ISO-9001 certified for Quality Management Systems and maintain the most impeccable quality standards. Our turnaround rates are the best; we can also devise customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We offer the most competitive rates in the market. All these attributes make us the preferred choice of business that are looking for reliable Offshore MS Word formatting services.

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