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Data Research, Capturing and Management Services for Job Portals

We are quite sure that running a job portal would require serious investments of yours. The fact is that one has to invest both time and necessary manpower on churning out relevant information from innumerable advertisements, host of websites, magazines and newspapers to keep current with the most recent and lucrative job postings. This perhaps would require researching the media and then capturing the necessary data in a specified format, to be later updated on your portal. takes this burden off your shoulders by providing customized job portal data entry services.

We have over a decade of experience helping job portals to gain control over their data and save on their time and money. You can save as much as 50% by outsourcing data research for job portals to us. We can help you with the following data related services:

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Web Research/Data Mining Services: Our comprehensive web research and data mining services for job portals include extraction of information like new jobs, booming sectors, and collecting email IDs/CVs of various applicants etc. We can also do extensive research on company website/URLs, contact information, and designation/position of professionals.

Database Cleansing & Enrichment: Often the existing data has no consistent format being derived from many sources or contains details which are no longer valid. We provide a variety of services such as data categorization, cleansing, deduplication, data enrichment by identifying invalid data & filling in the missing details.

Data Processing/Data Capture Services: We offer a broad range of data processing services such as forms processing, data capture from scanned images, online data entry, indexing services which can help you in managing and reusing databases of old applicants as well as fresh job-seekers.

Why for Data Management and Support Services Outsourcing?

Our fundamental business model is to work with clients as long-term partners. We safely guarantee complete confidentiality of the work being done for you. We also believe in working in a completely transparent manner and hence you would have complete access to your offshore dedicated team at all times.

Trial Run:

We understand that starting a new relationship is always tricky; therefore we would be glad to complete a small sample (trial) job for you at no cost or obligation, before embarking on the entire project. Discover how can streamline data entry and management services for your job portal for recruitment business. Contact us today!

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