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Even in our digital age when businesses can briskly and amply publicize themselves on the internet, the old-fashioned business card has not lost its relevance. A well-designed business card is still the most ideal introduction to oneself and one's business. Business cards are simple and yet capable of protean functions. They serve as formal introduction and a memory aid. They are also an excellent networking tool and a means of 'spreading the word' about one's business.

Business cards carry basic but important information about businesses and individuals. A typical business card bears the giver's name, the company or business he/she runs or is employed by and contact information such as the street address, e-mail and website addresses and telephone and fax number(s).These days, some businesses have even taken to articulating their vision statements and brand identity statements on their cards to explicate themselves better to potential clients. Business cards change hands in copious numbers on occasions such as conferences, trade fairs and client meetings. Even an average sized business can thus end up with hundreds or even thousands of business cards bearing valuable information that needs to be entered and organized.

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Once you have gathered a quantity of business cards a stage comes when you must organize them. Sorting and organizing business cards allows you to find people quicker which in turn can lead to more sales and accelerated growth for your business. However, simply stacking or bundling your collection of business cards is not a good idea. The most sagacious way to organize them is by capturing/entering the data they carry. Business cards data entry, nevertheless, is a tedious task that can tie up an indefinite number of hands. This will have obvious financial implications for your business, besides, of course, costing you precious time. At the end of it all, there might still be inaccuracies to be dealt with and corrected as the minuteness of business cards' font can liberally induce typos. Outsourcing business cards data entry services is the most practical and economical solution to the quandary. is your ideal partner to outsource business card data entry services. We have an expert and dedicated team for meeting your business cards data entry needs. We assure the best turnaround times and the most competitive rates. We have long years of experience and have worked for a large number of clients in a variety of sectors. We will perform business cards data entry with a judicious and flexible blend of technology and human intervention. Besides entering business cards' data manually, we will also put your business cards through the latest OCR tools whenever feasible and organize their information as digitized data. The finished project will be put through the most meticulous quality check. We can also perform business cards indexing and business cards online data entry. We will, thus, build you a digitized list of potential customers and vendors whom you will be able to grade in order of importance. At we will help you add that crucial touch of nimble efficiency to your business.

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