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All businesses handle a large variety of documents with multiple functionalities. There is not a business which does not generate or need permanent records, journals, legal case files, receipts, newsletters, faxes, catalog databases, parts lists and technical and instruction manuals. They are crucial for a business's unimpaired running and often need to be looked into or retrieved at very short notices. That is why it is important for a business to code and index its documents. Document coding is done by first reviewing documents and then summarizing their key elements into a structured database. One can adopt several criteria when coding documents, like document type or date, document description, bates number, file name etc. Document Indexing, on the other hand, is carried out by linking tagged documents with different search terms. This lets you search for information like invoice number and date or vendor name in a twinkling. Serving as an identification tag, indexing also helps you classify document types allowing you to tell a manual from a journal and a catalog database from an instruction manual. Thus, indexing eases referral by ensuring that you look for the right information in the right place.

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Why Outsource Document Coding and Indexing Services:

There are intricacies involved in legal document coding and document indexing services which are best handled by specialists. Document coding demands complete application and unqualified accuracy. Hence, it is advisable not to get it done in-house by staff who are likely to be distracted by other responsibilities. When reviewing documents for coding assignments one has to harness critical thinking skills which come only with experience and training. When doing subjective coding, for example, one must read, understand and summarize the gist of a document. Logical document determination, a part of document coding, is similarly onerous, as it needs one to identify certain key variables to categorize documents and determine their attachment range. Sometimes even coding manuals have to be devised to guarantee the consistency of the data gleaned during the objective coding process.

Developing indexes is equally arduous. An intelligent and informative index must be built drawing upon taxonomic patterns - organization and classification of information and documents by supertype-subtype relationships. Thus, an astute index must not only have document names and types but also appropriate sub-entries to indicate the kind of information they bear. Corporate taxonomy also involves the classification of entities of interest of an enterprise in a hierarchical scheme. Hence, when building an index, a deft indexer must be mindful of the particular needs of a business or organization and, consequently, of the type of information it will need most frequently. A good index must also correlate seemingly discrete information and facilitate insights.

Advantages of Outsourcing Document Coding and Document Indexing Services to

At we combine skills and experience with the latest in technology to render the best document coding and indexing services and help you ease day-to-day support operations and boost productivity. With data and documents that can be easily retrieved, referred to and analyzed you will be able to take more informed business decisions. We possess the experience and expertise to handle all kinds of business documents for Document Coding. Be it lease documents, legal documents or mortgage documents we can manage them all with facility. We have been providing document indexing services for ten years and can effortlessly perform the cross-indexing, cross-referencing and mapping of a variety of databases. This allows you to simultaneously correlate and retrieve relevant content available on a number of different databases and documents and infuse so much more competence in the functioning of your business. We can provide your indexed documents in any format you prefer. As a part of our archiving services we will convert your existing paper documents into digital formats which will allow users to locate the relevant information quickly.

You will maximize your customers' satisfaction with our document coding and indexing services and allied solutions. We provide the best quality and turnaround times and can even customize our solutions as per your budget and project requirements. At we are pledged to providing you only the best service experience. Thus, we use a rigorous Quality Control (QC) process to ensure that we not just meet but exceed your expectations. Your information will be safe with us as we follow stringent data protection procedures. Our document coding services begin with planning and devising a strategy for the project at hand. Then we develop a framework upon which the document coding decisions are based. When you outsource document coding and indexing services to us, we put you in contact with a Project Manager who supervises your project. The Project manager will try to understand your requirements through a number of email exchanges and chats and chart out the process to be followed in meeting your specific requirements. offers you a wide range of Indexing Services:

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Our Document Coding Services:

At we relieve lawyers, real estate firms and other industries of the tiresome but critical task of coding their documents with our Document Coding Services. We perform:

Objective Coding:

We extract information such as author, recipient, document date, document title, document type, bate number, social security number and other such objective information and input it into a searchable database or spreadsheet as per the client's requirements.

Subjective Coding:

Subjective coding is the derivation of subjective data from documents. This is done by reading and identifying the vital points of a document following which they are summarized. Besides, we will also identify certain key filed areas which will help in the quick retrieval of the documents.

Logical Document Determination:

We identify the attachments range, the document range within it and the bate number range. We can also arrange your documents by logically determining its beginning and end.

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