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Our Process

Data-Entry-India.com has a vast experience of serving the global clients with its high quality data entry services assuring 99.995% accuracy within a quick project turnaround time. We believe in planning things beforehand to make sure everything falls in place. A proper methodology is followed in our organization that has helped us go about systematically and cater to the ever-increasing need of our clients for data entry services.

Our process of data entry includes a series of steps beginning from conducting fruitful interaction with the client and understanding their specific requirements and ending at offering innovative solution to the best of satisfaction of the client. We believe in perfection and strive to offer best deliverables based on high accuracy, cost effectiveness and timely service.

Our Working Methodology:

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Client Interaction: In the initial phase, our project manager interacts with the client to develop an understanding of their specific requirements. This stage is of utmost importance as it forms the base of the entire process. We get a clear idea as to what the client expects from us and also the deadline is decided based on the volume of work and degree of complexity involved.

Planning: This is the planning stage, in which everything is planned in advance such as what resources would be deployed, how many man hours will be devoted and if the team shall be assigned specially for the project etc. In case, the project is challenging and requires quick turnaround time, we can channelize more resources who can keep the work going all round the clock. The entire plan of how the data entry project would be completed within the deadline assuring 100% accuracy is developed.

Business Training: When the plan has been drafted, the next stage involves giving adequate training to the data entry professionals. Acquainting them with the project, giving a brief idea about the client's specifications helps to ensure that things are done the right way. Also, they are informed about the security policies and measures so that adequate care is taken to ensure data privacy. Business training is one thing that we lay maximum emphasis on and keep conducting from time to time because we believe it is good to keep our professionals well informed about the new business trends and upcoming technologies so that they remain prepared to take up any challenge that comes their way.

Implementation: Then comes the next stage, which is the stage of job performance. We can also call it the stage of getting the work done utilizing the expertise and skills of our data entry professionals. All the inputs are provided to the data entry experts to boost their speed and to ensure that there is greater efficiency in work.

Client Interaction: This is the second interaction with the client which is conducted primarily to seek clarification and to give status updates. This is a crucial stage in which we show a sample of our work, seek clarification for any doubts arising during the course and also give an update on the percentage of work completed. We elicit the client's feedback and make changes if required to deliver the desired results.

Monitoring Performance: We follow the double keyboarding and double comparison method to ensure the accuracy of data. In this stage, performance or the job done by the data entry specialists is evaluated to see if the delivered result has the desired quality matching the level of 99.995%. Our quality check experts do the quality analysis and if they happen to find some deviations, they send back the work to the data entry operator to rectify the mistakes and improve areas that lack accuracy and flow.

Document Transmission: Once the data entry project is completed, the next stage is to deliver the final result to the end user. As per the client's requirements, we send across the documents in their preferred mode of transmission be it through the FTP servers or through hard copy. On the request of client, we can also copy the data file on CDs / DVDs and courier them.

Follow Up: This is the last stage in which we get in touch with the client to find out if they have received their data entry project and also assess if we have succeeded in offering them services matching their expectations. We take the payment for our services only when our clients are fully satisfied with the deliverables.

We understand your needs and concerns and you can rely on us to cater to your data entry needs effectively. It is our assurance that you will get the best quality at the best price within the deadline set by you.mbering to documents, creating Table of Contents, using macros to format selected text, using the cut and paste features, language and spell check and also removing formatting from certain portions of the document.

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