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Remote Data Entry Services

With technological advance it is no longer an imperative for data entry operators to be physically present at a location to perform data entry tasks. Nor is it necessary to transfer raw data from one location to another. This has come to be possible with the development of remote data entry (RDE) technology which uses a virtual private network (VPN) to input data directly into the client's system.

A VPN is a private network that uses a public network like the Internet to connect remote sites or users. A virtual private network enables a computer to receive and send data across shared or public networks with virtual connections. A virtual connection or circuit is a managed pool of circuit resources from which specific circuits are allocated as needed to meet traffic requirements. For quick transfer of bulks of data a virtual connection uses packet mode communication which groups all transmitted data, irrespective of its content, type and structure, into suitably sized blocks.

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VPNs provide security with tunneling protocols and encryption and allow access with the client's permission only to authorized network locations for work related activities. Thus, you don't need to send us your confidential documents or files as all activities will be performed by our technical team on your machines using a secured login. Since a VPN's encrypted data cannot be viewed by a third party without authorization, remote data entry is inviolable as far data safety is concerned. RDE systems typically have three aspects to them. They employ a graphical user interface component to enable data entry, a validation component to check user data and a reporting tool to ease the analysis of collected data. Remote data entry is thus not just safe, it is highly efficient and accurate. Also, it allows you to constantly monitor the progress of work and the changes being made to your data.

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At, as a remote data entry service provider, we provide remote data entry services to swiftly, safely and accurately meet our clients' data entry needs. We also do remote desktop data entry for a wide variety of businesses. We possess the skills and technology to capture and input data from any kind of data source - text, image or numeric - from any location in the world. After the data is entered and converted into master data we tabulate and validate it and output it in a format chosen by the client. A client can brief us on his remote data entry requirements over phone or email. Once this is done we will do a test run to affect that perfect alignment between our services and our client's specifications.

Because of our location in India, making us your remote data entry outsourcing partner will be majorly advantageous for you. We will input your data while it is night in your hemisphere so that when you return to work the next morning you will find your data entered and arranged. We have been helping businesses in ecommerce, real estate, banking, insurance, health, legal services, marketing and many other sectors boost their competitiveness with our Remote Data Entry Services. Our virtual assistance and VPN services are tailor made to suit your individual requirements.

Our employees are signatories to agreements which enjoin the strictest confidentiality upon them and you can allow them access to your data without any worries. We will input your data with a very nearly hundred percent accuracy at the most competitive rates. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry.

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