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Survey Data Entry Services / Questionnaire Data Entry Services:

Surveys are a potent tool to gauge the mood and preferences of your target audience. No wonder every business falls back on them to conduct market research. Surveys also enable organizations to understand the needs of their employees and stakeholders. Customer service surveys are all-pervasive across industries and businesses as they give a good understanding of customer behavior and satisfaction levels. It takes specialized skills to prepare survey questions that give you specific results. Once the questionnaire is ready and the survey is done, you have to enter the data in certain formats to drive insights.

Surveys, however, involve a lot of work. A survey begins with the setting of objectives regarding the kind of information to be collected. Once set, the survey objectives are articulated in the form of a questionnaire which is distributed among the respondents. A survey's success also depends on the size and type of the population sample selected and, finally, its efficient administration. Survey results can be administered only after they are gleaned from the questionnaires, analyzed and summarized. As part of our questionnaire data entry services, we extract and distil the jumble of information on a questionnaire into a form that can yield a coherent and comprehensible set of statistics. The raw survey data is thus transformed into information which can aid your business decisions and strategy.

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Importance of an Expert Survey Data Entry Services partner:

Survey questionnaire data processing is an exacting task that calls for specialization. It requires a variety of skills such as coding, data entry and editing. Besides, the entire data processing procedure must be monitored to ensure that there are no slips. It is important to adopt a methodical and consistent approach to the task so that the processing is completed satisfactorily and on schedule to produce a file of data that is as error-free as possible. Poor quality data capture can result in imperfect data explanation and a great volume of data being discarded.

Data Processing must pass through several stages. To begin with, one must derive sets of data from the survey results so that they may be analyzed and summarized. This might involve separating the survey respondents into groups by gender, profession, age group, economic background or geographical provenance. Another step in the process is classifying the survey respondents on the basis of their answers. For example, all females who answer in the negative to a question might be in one group and those who answer in the affirmative in another. Thus, relationships are traced between demographic groups and categories of responses. Whenever necessary, percentages must be deduced to interpret survey results. Sometimes, along with the percentage, one has to compute the mean and standard deviation to make sense of questionnaire data. All these tasks demand a lot of time and rigorous application. At the end of it all, questionnaire data might need editing too so that faulty data is corrected or removed and reliable statistics are generated. Editing has to be undertaken if outputs from the collection are mutually inconsistent, for example, if a component exceeds an aggregate value. The whole process ends with the data being entered in spreadsheets and databases or presented in the form of charts and tables.

Advantages of Outsourcing Survey Data Entry Services to

At we work closely with businesses and organizations to help them get the most out of their surveys, be it market research, customer or product satisfaction surveys or any other kind of survey effort. Though most of the survey questionnaires are designed in a way that allows for clear/direct conclusion, some are subjective and seek open-ended responses. Tools like OCR/ICR are generally handy, but they don't work well if the survey responses are in the form of long hand-written answers and often make mistakes. Nor can they handle extensive and sophisticated surveys like those on customer experiences, marketing effectiveness, and product use. When you outsource survey questionnaire data processing services to us, we assist you with the most difficult hand-written data capturing which requires significant manual effort. We can handle both structured forms such as vouchers/coupons with defined tabular columns, as well as non-structured forms with options of open-ended or close-ended questions. Whenever needed, we will also ascertain the authenticity of the information entered in the survey forms or correct erroneous information like spelling mistakes, incorrectly selected gender, wrong postal codes, etc.

We have many years of experience in survey/questionnaire form processing, data extraction, and analysis and will make sure that your survey projects benefit you in every manner you want them to. By handing over the cumbersome task of processing questionnaire data to us you will save time and money and concentrate on your core business activities. Our extremely capable and advanced survey questionnaire data processing services will provide you with the best quality work so that you respond to customer demands and market trends more efficiently and emerge as the leaders in your line.

At we are totally committed to preserving the confidentiality of your data. Our Survey Data Entry Services are adaptable and can be customized to suit your requirements.

Our Survey Questionnaire Data Processing Services Include:

Survey Questionnaire Data Entry Services:

Though web surveys are gaining in popularity, paper-based surveys are still the best option if you want to carry out a reliable and comprehensive survey. Nevertheless, managing or entering the results of a paper-based survey in databases is a time-consuming task which cannot always be automated. At we enter survey data into databases or spreadsheets by using our specially designed "Double Entry System" to ensure maximum accuracy. You can outsource your survey questionnaire data entry services to us to avoid toiling with the aftermath of a paper-based survey.

Survey Scanning and Processing:

Scanning forms or questionnaires to extract survey data yields quick results at low costs. Scanning is especially effective when processing questionnaires which primarily have tick and checkbox responses. At we scan and extract survey data using OCR tools to provide you with a work of unblemished accuracy. As a part of our survey data analysis services, we do data sorting, document design, statistical analysis, and data import and export. We also do online survey design. We handle and process all types of surveys including:

Survey Data Capture:

Survey data capture is the process of entering survey data into a spreadsheet or computerized database. Data entry or data capture can be performed by an individual typing on a keyboard or by a machine entering data electronically. At we will design the right data capture and collection methodology and processes to timely complete your survey projects. We always achieve fast turn-around of survey data capture within contracted time schedules.

Survey Reporting:

The final step in the survey process is the summarization and presentation of the survey findings. This involves the creation of a research report which ought to include a breakdown of the results, an enumeration of the reasons that made you conduct the survey and conclusions and recommendations developed upon the survey findings. The preparation of survey reports entails the capturing of data in a relational SQL database or SPSS or its integration into the custom reports provided in MS Access and Excel formats. At we employ our proprietary software technologies and experienced team of statisticians and survey reporting professionals to deliver clear and concise reports. Our experienced staff is here to help you prepare presentation-quality reports including cross-tabulations, frequency analysis, etc.

At we will help you:

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