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Data-Entry-India.com offers quality in services at competitive rates that ensure that the client's operational costs are substantially reduced when they outsource to us.batching indexing sorting email mailer forms

We offer varying business/pricing models to our clients which are determined based on factors like price per record/row/line; price per hour; price per month/person; price per key stroke.OCR optical character recognition proof-reading, editing, OCR cleaning, copy editing

Business Models

Depending upon your specifications and requirements, you can go for either of the following Business Models:

Time and Materials Basis: In this model the pricing of the project can be on the basis of record, line, row, keystroke, time spent, resources utilized. It is basically used in projects where nature and scope of work, staff requirements and anticipated duration of the project is bound to change.

Fixed Cost/Offshore Dedicated Basis: In this model pays a fixed cost per month per person utilized in his project. This model is usually recommended for long term engagements where our team will work full-time exclusively on your project and on no other projects. The advantage of this model is that it offers competitive rates and guarantees full control over the entire process.image processing, digital library, key from image, data entry from images or video, electronic publishing

Free Trial

We can relate to the fact that a client looking for outsourcing/Offshoring his work for the first time would have apprehensions regarding quality and security. To allay your fears regarding quality, privacy, capabilities and to make you comfortable with our work process, we offer FREE TRIAL/ FREE SAMPLE to our first time clients. This also helps us in getting better understanding of the exact nature of work, the type of resources required and estimate time that would be required to be spent on the project. FREE TRIAL is our attempt at forging mutual confidence and laying the foundation for a fruitful and long-term relationship with you.resources, manpower, cheap labor, data keying operators, data entry operators

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