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Outsource Data Entry Services

By and large, business data is dynamic. Your business may need to collect, process, update, and organize loads of data on a regular basis. Thankfully, you no longer need to keep your core workforce engaged in mundane data entry tasks.

Outsource data entry services to Data-Entry-India.com, and see how you can save money on data management, focus more on your core business, make better informed business decisions, and thus increase your revenues and profit margins.

Why you should opt for Offshore Data Entry Services

Hiring in-house data operators could be an expensive affair. You may also need to invest in advanced tools, such as, high-speed scanners, optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR). In comparison, data entry services offered by Data-Entry-India.com are cost effective, and are available on an as-needed basis.

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Data entry services outsourcing helps you free your resources and use those in more important core business tasks. Finally, some complex data entry tasks, such as data entry from handwritten documents, are best handled by skilled and experienced operators. If you do not have the right tools and manpower, consider outsourcing to a specialist external service provider like Data-Entry-India.com.

Offshore Data Entry Services at Data-Entry-India.com

We, at Data-Entry-India.com , provide a complete solution to your data entry requirements. Let's take a look at some major services we provide.

Keyboarding and Manual Data Entry - Human intervention is almost essential to ensure quality data entry works. While we use advanced tools to automate certain tasks, our experienced operators double check everything to ensure accuracy. We provide keyboarding and data entry services for handwritten documents, yellow pages, white pages, invoices, business cards, legal documents, to name a few.

Online Data Entry - We specialize in almost all kinds of data entry works that require using the internet. In order to maintain high security standards, we use up-to-date antivirus software, firewalls, and high bandwidth internet connections. If you want, we can login to your systems through remote-access VPN, and complete your data entry tasks using our secure, dedicated connections.

Data Processing - We don't just key in data, we handle the entire lifecycle of data processing, which involve capturing, digitizing, converting, organizing, and finally presenting data in your preferred format. At Data-Entry-India.com , we specialize in forms processing, survey processing, and legal document processing.

Data Enrichment - As your business grows, so do your data management tasks. However, you cannot take your data entry tasks lightly. Inaccurate or inconsistent data can affect your marketing efficiency and bottom line. Now outsource data entry services to Data-Entry-India.com to check, validate, standardize, rectify, and enrich your database. As part of our data enrichment services, we remove duplicate and obsolete records, update third-party information, collate data from various sources, and find out missing parts of information.

Data Mining Services - We also specialize in data mining, web mining, and web research services. We collect, process, store and analyze your business data to help you identify opportunities and risks well in time. Our end-to-end data mining services include metadata extraction, data classification, data clustering, and screen scrapping to Excel, Access, MS-SQL, MySQL tables.

Why Outsource to Data-Entry-India.com

If you are planning to outsource data entry services, contact us right away!

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