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Document Transmission

Companies engaged in the business of offering data entry services rely on different means for document transmission. There is courier service, facsimile service and emailing service available for sending across the documents to the clients. What clients look out for is a fast, efficient and secured document delivery system. Electronic transmission of documents has of late been recognized as the fastest and most secured way of delivering the documents to the clients.

Three Fold Benefits it Offers:

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We at have been into the business of addressing the business process outsourcing needs over more than a decade and have a vast experience of offering high quality data entry services ensuring absolute data privacy. We rely on different modes for transmitting the documents to the clients. In fact, we provide our clients with varied options of document transmission to exercise choice from. Then, as per the clients' requirements, we send them their data entry project through their favored transmission mode.

We Rely on the Following Modes for Transmitting the Documents

Email: In most of the cases, we attach the documents in the email and send them to the clients in their preferred format. Our advanced emailing software sends across the documents within a matter of seconds and also ensures the confidentiality of the clients' data.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Servers: We can also create exclusive FTP accounts for our clients where they can upload their files and once the project is complete, we upload the data file on the same FTP server from where they can download the same. In some cases, the clients provide us with FTP access to the accounts created by them. FTP is one of the most reliable mediums for document transmission and it allows the users to send almost all kinds of documents be it in the form of text file or image file or data compression files. Not only this, it can also deliver sound files to the clients. For security reasons, settings can be done to enable access to the FTP only through user-based password authentication.

CDs and DVDs: In case, the client wants the data file copied on CDs/DVDs, we do the needful and send them through regular courier service.

Facsimile Service: Sometimes, the clients request us to fax the documents, so we address their need and deliver the work through facsimile service.

Regular Mail Delivery: Paper based documents can be either sent as hard copy through mail delivery service or converted into digitized format and sent via Internet.

For safe, quick and secured Transmission of your data entry projects, you can indeed depend on us and we assure we won't let down your expectations.

We are open to receiving data in the form of hard copies, scan them using high quality scanners, digitize and then send the same through FTP servers. Sometimes, the clients prefer to scan the data themselves and send it through email. We also accept data in the form of CDs and DVDs. offers professional document transmission services to clients spanning across the globe. Our data management experts have been delivering high service quality to client satisfaction every single time! Get in touch with us at to take things ahead.

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