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Data mining services

Get ready-to-analyze data in your preferred format with our data mining company.

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Businesses trying to identify the best course of action based on available information face a persistent problem- they need a constant supply of relevant data that is ready for analysis. Our data mining services solve this problem. We identify the right data sources, extract and process data, and deliver a unified dataset matching your needs.

As a leading data mining company backed by a team of 700+ professionals, we offer customized data mining support at cost-effective prices. We locate and aggregate data from multiple online and offline sources (like blogs, forums, social media, web pages, and directories) through APIs and scripts. This data goes through cleansing, standardization, enrichment, and validation processes.

Our data mining offerings are open to all domains and include eCommerce data mining, business data mining, social media data mining, web research, and others. Additionally, we customize our data mining workflow for AI-based tech-platforms, creating a steady supply of data for them.

Our data mining services include the following

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Sources covered by our data mining company for data extraction

Prominent business use cases where our data mining company can help

We have assisted organizations across various domains and projects, customizing our B2B data mining services to meet their objectives. Here are a few of the many use cases/goals that our data mining company can facilitate.

A simple process to outsource data mining services to our team

This transparent and straightforward workflow enables our clients to easily reach out to our team and get what they want. Our data mining company relies on this process to ensure that you get the best of everything- from support to pricing.

Gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing business data mining services to Data-Entry-India.com

Our data mining company aims to be your trusted partner in leveraging the power of data for your business. Here are some reasons why outsourcing your data mining requirements to us can be a game-changer for your business.

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Outsource data mining services to experts.

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Common client queries related to outsourcing data mining services

Why should I outsource data mining services to Data-Entry-India.com?

Data-Entry-India.com is a leading data mining service provider. We have a team of competent data experts, an experience of two decades, and a portfolio filled with success stories of over 3800 businesses. We also ensure up to 60% cost-savings and 99% data accuracy, use the best data mining practices, tools, and techniques, and guarantee faster turnaround times.

Is data mining illegal in the US?

Data mining is not illegal, but there are laws and regulations to govern this process and ensure ethical practices in this field. We adhere to all such laws applicable in your region.

Is my data secure with you?

Our data mining company is an ISO-certified (ISO/IEC 27001:2022) and HIPPA-compliant organization, sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) for all projects and samples, mandate access control across all databases we work on, and use secure communication methods (preferred by our clients) to maintain data confidentiality and prevent unauthorized usage.

Which industries do you cater to?

Our data mining services can be customized for eCommerce, real estate, healthcare, finance, mortgage, academics, legal, market research, and others.

How is cost determined for your data mining services?

We use factors like the data volume, processing/extraction complexity, resources to be involved, and additional support requirements to calculate the cost for each project.

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