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Content Conversion and Data Management for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions today face daunting challenges dealing with too much data in too many formats – providing too little information, making it difficult to streamline the process of data and document management to improve educational outcomes. Key challenges:

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Leveraging our decade long experience of working with highly reputed institutions such as the Harvard Business and other reputed universities, we can help you improve your teaching effectiveness, scrub, standardize and enrich your data, and accelerate research discovery – maximizing your operational efficiency and effectiveness along with saving on your time and money. We can help you with the following services:

Digital Content Conversion Services:In order to create a rather immersive learning experience for the students, we add a hint of interactivity by incorporating audios, videos, animations, etc. We help you grab the attention of students by making the educational content compelling for them to read and learn. As part of our digitization services for eduicational students, we help you convert your digital content into your desired digital format for maximized reach. Our experts can migrate the content into the intended format, be it XML, HTML, PDF, or any other eBook compatible format that best suits your requirements. We also lend support in proofreading, indexing, image editing, scanning, OCR, image quality control, scanning, among a gamut of other things.

Data Entry/Data Capture Services: Our data specialists offer a wide spectrum of professional data entry services for educational institutions. Some of the services offered include librarians and academic institutions data entry services, data enrichment and cleansing services, online data entry services, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), questionnaires and surveys, capturing data from scanned photos, forms processing, and a lot more.

Academic Research/Data Mining Services: We have extensive experience of working on diverse web research and data mining projects that involved extraction of information and field text from databases as well as different kinds of pictures and document files.

Scanning/Indexing Services: We provide a full range of scanning and indexing services that include OCR, proof-reading/editing, indexing, etc. We scan pages to digital documents, like Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, PDF (image only, image, and hidden text, etc.). We are equipped with high-speed auto feed (ADF) scanners and desktop scanners, enabling us to handle high volume scanning tasks. We can also take care of stapled or fastened documents, try restoring ripped or torn pages, etc. Having processed millions of pages, we offer comprehensive solutions across all content source types and delivery media.

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