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Legal Process Outsourcing and Support Services for Law Firms

Growing focus on and accountability for profitability, cutting the cost of litigation, and investing time in the more lucrative aspects of legal work - implies that there has never been a better time for Outsourcing Legal Support Services. Some of the critical challenges facing the law industry include spending large amounts of time dealing with labor-intensive jobs such as churning out relevant information from terabytes of data, dealing with heaps of paper, conducting extensive case research and many support activities, etc.

Legal Research and Support Services at brings to you a wide range of Legal Process Outsourcing Services. We create the difference by streamlining the litigation processes and ensuring that all the relevant information is properly analyzed and produced so that you can concentrate on more critical issues and practice law unconstrained.

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We have rich experience of over a decade helping law firms, in-house counsels, and private attorneys with Legal Research Support Services. You can save as much as 50% by outsourcing your projects to us. We can help you with the following services:

Digital Content Conversion Services: Migrate your content from almost any format to digital format. We digitize your content by giving the raw, unstructured content, a structured and formatted look by converting it into HTML, XML or any other format of your choice. We can also assist you with tasks like scanning, image editing, image quality control, indexing, OCR, proofreading etc.

Data Entry/ Data Capture Services: We offer a broad range of data entry services such as forms processing, data capture from scanned images, online data entry, indexing services, data cleansing and enrichment services etc.

Legal Research/ Data Mining Services: We can help you with many web research and data mining projects that involve extraction of information like email ids, company website/URLs, contact information, designation/position information, and field text from databases as well as different kinds of pictures and document files.

Scanning/ Indexing Services: We provide a full range of scanning & indexing services that includes OCR, proof-reading/editing, indexing etc. We scan pages to digital documents, like Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, PDF (image only, image +, hidden text). We have high-speed auto feed (ADF) scanners and desktop scanners, which means we can handle scanning in high volumes and we can scan documents needing care or which for some reason cannot be unbound. Having processed millions of pages, we offer comprehensive solutions across all content source types and delivery media.

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We provide a full range of above mentioned services that can save you money and time. We employ over 450 personnel and are capable of handling large volume projects with varying complexity.


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