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Data Security

"As the use of outsourcing continues to grow, so too do the risk to customer and company data that companies must rely on their outsourcing suppliers to protect,"

--Booz Allen Hamilton Report, March 2006: "Outsourcing Security: Concerns Growing"

The Booz Allen Hamilton Report, various other studies by leading experts, mandatory legislations in US and UK on the privacy of customers' financial, medical and legal data and some data theft issues in India has aroused the concern of international clients when they think of outsourcing their data entry, document conversion, catalog processing and similar services to Indian outsourcing providers. It has been observed by majority of the outsourcing providers in India that when they first interact with a prospective client, closely following on the heels of quality of work and pricing, comes the issue of data security and privacy. Along with, accurate quality of work and low-cost pricing, security of data has become a qualifying factor to be selected as a provider of outsourced services.

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This fear regarding the security and privacy of data and information amongst the clients from all over the world has ensured that concerted action is being taken not just at government level through associations like NASSCOM but also at the private level in each of the outsourcing companies. This effort has ensured that international clients are gaining back their confidence in the outsourcing providers from India. has ensured that it is not left behind in this drive to bring the confidence of international clients back in our Data Security, Data Privacy and Data Confidentiality mechanisms.

Mechanisms followed to ensure Data Security in Outsourcing:

Our Data Security mechanism has ensured that our credibility as a trustworthy Data Entry and Document Conversion Services provider is established. complies with stringent data security protocols and measures and ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data at all times. Connect with us at to leverage our value-based, data-driven solutions. Request a free trial or simply share your requirements with us to get started.

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