Why Data Preprocessing Is Needed for Machine Learning Functions

Data preprocessing

Data preprocessing in machine learning refers to the transformation of unstructured, ambiguous, and error-filled data into a clean and coherent version that can be used for further processing and manipulation. Preprocessing filters out data issues early on in the pipeline so that only valuable data elements remain. 

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Data Enrichment Best Practices That You Must Know

Data Enrichment Services 

In today’s business scenario, customer data is available in more forms than ever before. It is a good thing on one hand and an overwhelming challenge on the other. Good, because there is no dearth of relevant information and challenging, for the simple reason that businesses often find themselves at a loss when they have to identify trends within a data set. This is where data enrichment comes in as a handy tool. It is essentially the process of merging multiple data sources that enables business to build strong data profiles that eventually help them make well informed decisions. On the surface the process of data enrichment might sound complicated, but if you follow a structured approach and industry best practices, you can easily reap its benefits. Let’s find out the best practices associated with data enrichment services.

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How Startups Can Leverage Data Mining To Fuel Growth

data mining banner

Who else other than startups and small business will vouch on the power of knowledge. It is the creation of knowledge and ability to implement it that emboldens an entrepreneur to launch a startup. While starting a new small venture is easy, sustaining it as a business is the difficult part. Studies show that at least 60% of startups run out of gas within the very first year of operations. Financial constraints notwithstanding, it is the inability of entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves that is responsible for such a phenomenal failure rate. Here the tricky question is why are new small businesses unable to rediscover themselves? A close look at the success stories on new ventures will reveal that they are able to derive new insights from their existing data. And how do they achieve this feat? The answer is data mining.

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Know the intricacies of Data Capturing Services


These services refer to the conversion of hard copies i.e. typed information to soft copies i.e. computerized format. The data transformed nowadays, is compatible with the latest database software because today’s software provide supports Multiple punching, Microsoft Excel files, Access files, Comma delimited files, Flat ASCII Text files and SPSS.

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