Know the intricacies of Data Capturing Services


These services refer to the conversion of hard copies i.e. typed information to soft copies i.e. computerized format. The data transformed nowadays, is compatible with the latest database software because today’s software provide supports Multiple punching, Microsoft Excel files, Access files, Comma delimited files, Flat ASCII Text files and SPSS.


In order to meet the present day business needs and customer demands, the data have to be very accurate and to- the- point. Hence accurate and reliable Data capture services are required for obtaining the correct information. The information on paper has to be submitted online to be worked upon or even uploaded online. The high quality scanners are commonly used for this purpose.

These data capturing services involve the intake of information in text, numeric formats, form and image based documents. Also, It supports mixed formats that include bank and credit card statements, etc.

These services are very crucial because of the following reasons:

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1. The storage of paper is much tedious task as compared to storing it on RAM and     expandable storage hard disks.

2. Manipulating, searching, sorting and modifying data stored becomes much easier in    computerized format.

3. The data entered offers maximum accuracy any error detection.

4. The data stored can be used for any future references.

5. Cost effective to maintain and store the information.


The data needs to be correct, accurate, validated and standardized for the following reasons:-

1. Data Redundancy and Inconsistency – In storing the telephone numbers say of a same person but for different records needs to be eliminated to reduce the storage and access costs and also same files with different formats are also a big pain in the neck of the administrator for unnecessary maintenance cost

2. Difficulty in accessing data – data stored in various formats can be easily accessed, modified and manipulated using the data enrichment services.

3. Data isolation – The data cleansing services also offers the users to segregate the required information from the rest of the data stored.

These problems calls for the need of data enrichment and data cleansing services that provides a complete solution to deal with these problems while ensuring that the data is refined and accurate. The above mentioned problems are thus, catered through the data enrichment or cleansing services.

The data enrichment services however, maximizes the efficiency of manually accessing the data through the removal of antiquated, incorrect and invalid data. Theses services enable the database to work at peak efficiency, ensuring data to be stored at cheap and reasonable rates.


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