Top 10 Amazing Advantages of Photo Retouching for Every Industry Vertical

Advantages of Photo Retouching

Product photos consume a lot more time and resources than you expect. Also, it is not always possible to get the perfect shot in one go. So, editing and retouching are usually done to make the photos all more professional, yet visually appealing. However, to cut down on the time spent on editing or retouching, a majority of companies prefer image retouching services to an offshore service provider to get the work done faster and more efficiently.

If you intend to perform a highly professional and effective photo editing and retouching process for your photos, then you must go through this handy guide. We will walk you through the various benefits of photo retouching and how you can use photo retouching for business advantage. So, without further ado, let us begin!

First, let us discuss the most amazing benefits of the photo retouching process for your eCommerce store.

How Can You Leverage Photo Retouching for Business Advantage?

So, why should you opt for the photo retouching process?

Let us explain this with the help of an example. We all know that product photos play a pivotal part in an Amazon product listing. If these photos aren’t optimized well, it might hamper the conversions significantly. So, it is extremely important to perform the image retouching process efficiently and make things work in your favor. Likewise, there are plenty of other crucial reasons why you should opt for an effective photo retouching process.

Let us find out the most prominent benefits of photo retouching for eCommerce that you must be aware of:

Top 10 Major Advantages of Image Retouching

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time-saving
  • Acing the social media game
  • A boost in sales and conversions
  • Competitive advantage
  • Notable reduction in returns
  • Minimized shooting time
  • Assurance of quality
  • Better results
  • Building a unique brand identity

1. Cost-effectiveness

Image retouching will help you save a considerable amount of your valuable money that you might have to spend on reshooting the entire catalog all over again.

2. Time-saving

When you are not reshooting the whole product catalog, you can definitely accomplish the job more efficiently and quicker than you imagined. So, you get to save a lot of your valuable time and utilize it to carry out more critical aspects of your business.

3. Acing the social media game

The entire world of social media revolves around photos. And so, fine-tuning the photos with effective photo retouching benefits in making your social media presence stronger than ever!

4. A boost in sales and conversions

Photo retouching can fix all kinds of flaws and mistakes in the photos and help grab the attention of the potential buying audience, compelling them to make a purchase.

5. Competitive advantage

With such high-quality and appealing photos, you can stand out from the crowd and get ahead of your competing counterparts in no time!

6. Notable reduction in returns

If done the right way, the process of photo retouching benefits in minimizing the returns by demonstrating the products accurately and not misleading the potential buying audience with wrong or hidden product information.

7. Minimized shooting time

Professional and efficient photo retouching benefits freelance photographers, real estate agents, online retailers, and many more businesses across diverse industry verticals in reducing the shoot time remarkably!

8. Assurance of quality

The photo retouching process enhances the quality of product photos, builds confidence in the prospective buyers, and consequently helps in increasing the sales potential of products.

9. Better results

If you process professionally sound and visually captivating photos through photo retouching techniques and tools, then they are bound to give better results. So, photo retouching benefits you on the overall image enhancement and can help bring out the best in photos and give a boost to your sales.

10. Building a unique brand identity

With proper photo retouching, it is possible to create a unique brand identity and build the trust and credibility of your online store with high-quality, captivating photos.

Capturing product photos is undoubtedly a time-consuming job. Infact, clicking perfect shots is not always easy when you have a lengthy product catalog to shoot. So outsourcing photo retouching services to an offshore service provider is a viable thing to do.

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Various Industry Verticals That Can Leverage Photo Retouching To Their Business Advantage

Photo Retouching for Industry

Every industry vertical possesses unique photo editing needs, be it image masking, 360-degree virtual tour, portrait image, background removal, image colorization, photo resizing, or photo clipping path. A majority of industries take advantage of photo retouching to get an edge over their competing counterparts. Let us try and understand the distinct photo retouching requirements of every industry.

Real estate industryOnline retail industryMedical and healthcare industry
The key focus is on convincing potential buyers to close a deal with various image enhancements, including photo stitching, HDR image blending, color cast removal, perspective correction, etc.Online merchants seek to boost the aesthetic appeal of products across sports goods, electronics, apparel, automobiles, and other online stores through image colorization, photo cutouts, background removal, etc.The purpose is to retrieve medical data that is easily understood through image manipulations and special effects, clinical image editing, correcting the colors, white balance, exposure, and contrast levels, animations, etc.
Education industryEngineering industryAdvertising industry
The emphasis is on processing high-end educational photos with apt color corrections, conversion from black and white to color, and watermark removal, whitepaper illustrations, etc.Major dealings include 2D and 3D floor plans, CAD drawings, industrial designs, and more, so processing usually involves image resizing, cropping, image to vector conversions, creation of shadows, etc.The prime focus is on creating captivating images for ad campaigns and promotions through addition/removal of labels & watermarks, adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels, etc.
Manufacturing industryTextile industryDigital portrait and printing industry
Focus is mainly on making the products ready for sale with impeccable photos through photo clipping, image cropping and resizing, background and color cast removal, density correction, etc.The intent is to reach the global audience with flawless photos through color corrections, background removal or addition, suitable adjustments in contrast and saturation levels, etc.The benefit of photo retouching is to enhance the portraits through image cropping, background transformations, density corrections, removal of blemishes, color cast removal, and more.
Publishing industryPhotography industryFashion industry
The benefit of photo retouching is to improve the quality and appearance of photos in books, newspapers, eMagazines, periodicals, and academic materials through photo clipping and relevant photo enhancement processes.The emphasis is prominently on reducing the shoot time and spend quality time processing the photos through suitable background change, image resizing and cropping, and more.The prime focus is to make the fashion products look real, yet visually enticing through appropriate digital manipulations, background removal, image resizing, photo clipping, and so on.

Hiring an offshore partner rendering Photo Enhancement Services across multiple industry verticals is the right thing to do for so many reasons.

Types of Image Retouching For Businesses Advantage

Photo Retouching Types
  • Background change/removal: One of the many benefits of photo retouching for eCommerce is background removal It involves transforming the image backgrounds into something aesthetic and captivating. It may include removing the background completely, adding a vibrant and attractive background complementing the images, or simply replace it with a transparent background.
  • Image resizing: It involves slicing or resizing the photos without hampering the quality. It helps in eliminating any kinds of distortions or scaling issues pertaining to the photos. The intent is to adjust the image size so that it can be placed on a particular website.
  • Watermarking/Watermark removal: It involves adding a logo or brand name to the backdrop as per the need. If the image already contains a watermark, it can also be removed using photo retouching.
  • Photo clipping path: It involves developing vector paths to conceal a specific part of the background to make photos enticing. Clipping path services are basically carried out to give a personal touch to the photos, and adding and correcting the colors for a fascinating look.
  • Color cast removal: It is usually done to give the photos a natural and realistic look. The intent is to restore the originality of photos.
  • Creation of shadows: It involves adding a realistic drop shadow in a photo and give it a natural look. The intent is to create a shadow effect to make the products look more real.
  • Color corrections: It basically involves beauty touch-ups, removing the glare, and so on, along with enhancement of colors present in the photo.
  • Image cropping: Sometimes cropping is needed to minimize distractions in the photo and ensure that the focus is on the product rather than the background.
  • Old photo restorations: Photo retouching benefits many people in restoring their old images. The old photos that have lost their sheen due to corrosion, pests, fire, or any other damages, can be easily fixed through photo restorations.
  • Image masking: It can be used for fixing blurred edges, removing undesired transparent elements, highlighting specific elements, as well as erasing the entire background from the image.
  • Photo manipulations: This is generally done to make the product photos aesthetically appealing with adequate editing processes.
  • Removal of blemishes & wrinkles: It involves erasing the wrinkles, undesired spots, blemishes, and any other skin imperfections.
  • Removal of dust, scratches, and spots: It involves eliminating all kinds of scratches, dents, distracting spots, dust particles, among other imperfections to give a clean and clutter-free photo.

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