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Need help managing your Amazon store while you focus on the core business activities? Here’s a handy guide for you to get to know everything about hiring a remote Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) for your Amazon storefront.

First of all, let us throw some light on what an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) is.

Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) – A brief introduction

Simply put, an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional who works from a remote location to make things easier for your Amazon store. By providing assistance in managing an Amazon store and handling a plethora of store-related jobs, Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) goes all out to boost productivity and save operational costs as well as time.

Amazon Virtual Assistants (VAs) possess in-depth knowledge, skills, and expertise to carry out tedious and complex activities such as bulk data entry, product image editing, Amazon marketing, and so much more. With professional help at hand, Amazon store merchants can utilize their time in more critical tasks such as market research or data analysis. This can further lead to effective business decision-making. Nevertheless, it is an essential intervention to increase the growth potential of an online store on the Amazon marketplace. An Amazon VA is all you need to take your Amazon store to new heights with remote work settings and dedicated support.

Type of activities performed by and Amazon VA

There are a variety of tasks carried out by an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA). Some of the prominent ones have been discussed below:

hire amazon virtual assistant
  • Market Research

With proper market research, businesses can get an idea of how they can actually increase their growth potential. An Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you monitor your product listings on the Amazon marketplace and gain useful insights on the products offered by the competitors and how brands can perform better and improve sales. The intent is to determine which products are actually yielding fewer sales and how some price adjustments can attract the attention of the potential buying audience and improve the performance of products.

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is another common job undertaken by an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA). The key tasks carried out include writing unique, compelling, and elaborative product descriptions, and optimizing the product listings for attaining more visibility and boosting product sales. The right fit would be the one who is adept at copywriting and possesses exceptional skills and expertise in keyword research. Amazon VAs can help you incorporate relevant keywords into the content in a natural manner to increase discoverability across the Amazon marketplace as well as optimize your Amazon listings for better reach. If the hired Amazon VA is adept at email marketing, then it is surely a cherry on the top! He/she can assist your brand in developing engaging newsletters related to new releases and product information.

  • Translating

If you plan on expanding your online business and sell your products and offerings in another country, then an Amazon VA can act as a translator for your Amazon store and lend a helping hand in translating the product descriptions into another language without much of a hassle. The role of an Amazon Virtual Assistant might also involve interacting with the customers. So, brands can leverage an Amazon VA’s fluency in English and many more languages for effective communication.

  • Photography

Photos are one of the first things a customer notices before anything else. To make it worth every while, an Amazon VA makes sure that the product listing comprises a well-optimized, professionally edited, and enticing product photo or photos for making a great first impression. An Amazon VA can help brands in capturing stunning product images and enhancing them using suitable editing software. The intent is to accentuate the photos and bring out the best in them to attain higher sales and conversions.

  • Ad campaign management

Running targeted ads on the Amazon marketplace can help you reach a larger audience with relevant keywords and well-optimized product photos. When you hire Amazon Virtual Assistant for your Amazon store, you get to manage the advertising campaigns run on Amazon efficiently. Your Amazon VA can set up result-oriented ad campaigns for your Amazon store with the help of Seller Central tools and dedicatedly monitor the performance of your ads from time to time. Amazon VAs are of great help when it comes to reducing wasteful spending and making requisite changes based on the ad performance.

  • Order fulfillment

The job of a specialized Amazon FBA virtual assistant is not limited to delivering the offerings to Amazon for shipping purposes. It may also include managing the store inventories, shipping unit labels, downloading the barcodes, tracking the shipments in transit, and ensuring that no units are missed in the process.

  • Customer support & assistance

One of the most critical aspects of an eCommerce business is customer support. With the help of an Amazon Virtual Assistant, online sellers doing business on the Amazon marketplace can respond to queries, answer questions, and be available with a reply to customers who have left a review for a product purchased by them. Amazon VAs can help make the online shopping experience easy, smooth, and hassle-free for the customers intending to buy the products offered. With round-the-clock support and assistance, brands can increase their Amazon store’s profits, and consequently their growth potential.

Why hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA)

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA):

hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant

1. Minimum hassles

By hiring an Amazon VA, you can reduce your hassles and make things easier for your brand to handle complex and potentially time-intensive tasks without much of a hassle.

2. More sales & productivity

Brands don’t really need to do a hefty investment for outsourcing the job to an Amazon Virtual Assistant. With no office setup, furniture and equipment costs, and workspace settings, Amazon VAs can function from a remote location on a virtual platform. By focusing on the core business activities, brands can drive growth with higher sales and increased productivity.

3. Increased profits

When you hire eCommerce Virtual Assistants for your online store, you get to manage everything quite efficiently with the right blend of skills and expertise. An Amazon VA is adept at providing fast and effective Amazon store management and maintenance solutions. With their constant support and assistance, brands can actually ensure increased productivity, more efficiency, as well as higher profit margins.

4. Reduced operational costs

Amazon VAs can help online sellers on the Amazon marketplace to reduce their operational expenses. They offer cost-effective solutions, unlike the full-time employees who are paid salary along with insurance and other benefits.

5. Time to focus on critical tasks

With an Amazon VA at your disposal, you can lay focus on more crucial business operations to make better decisions.

The above-mentioned benefits make hiring Amazon VAs a viable option. So, while you focus on the more critical aspects of your online business, let a dedicated Amazon Virtual Assistant work for you to minimize your hassles and help you run your Amazon store rather smoothly.


Outsourcing Amazon virtual assistant services to an offshore company is a viable thing to do to manage your Amazon store more efficiently. Data-Entry-India.com offers store management and support services to brands selling their products on the Amazon marketplace. With a dedicated team of proficient Amazon Virtual Assistants (VAs), Amazon sellers can maximize their efficiency, sales, and consequently growth. Get in touch with one of our Amazon Virtual Assistants at info@data-entry-india.com to take things forward.


1. What can an Amazon VA offer?

An Amazon VA can perform a variety of complex and time-taxing tasks to scale up an online business. Some key jobs carried out by an Amazon Virtual Assistant include:

  • Product sourcing
  • Extensive product and market research
  • Competitor research & analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing & management
  • Product listing creation and optimization
  • PPC campaign management
  • Customer support & assistance
  • Product photo editing & retouching 
  • Social media presence building & maintenance

2. How much does an Amazon VA costs?

The cost of an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) largely depends on the amount and nature of work assigned to him/her. It also depends on the experience possessed as well as the location. Hiring a virtual assistant from India would cost you much less than the one hired from the USA. Also, if you are specifically looking to outsource Amazon ad campaign management, market research, photography, or any other specialized job requiring a high level of expertise, then you will have to pay more.

3. What qualities of Amazon VAs make them a right fit?

Some of the prominent qualities of an Amazon VA include:

  • Extensive experience in Amazon store creation & management
  • A proactive behavior with professionalism and reliability
  • Ability to adapt to new environments quickly and meet the deadlines thereof
  • Flexibility and adaptable skills
  • Effective communication skills


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