Outsourcing Data Entry Services: Your 2021 Guide

outsource data entry services

Data quality might seem like an easy task, but it isn’t! When you encounter any major data entry errors or come across any potential data entry mistake, it doesn’t always mean that you have entered the data incorrectly. It might imply that the formatting and categorization aren’t up to the mark. This can actually lead to a loss of data integrity. This is one of the reasons why most businesses are gradually opting for offshore services to handle all kinds of data entry services.

Let us walk you through the various aspects of outsourcing data entry services to an offshore company.

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Challenges Of Implementing Data Entry In-house

When you carry out the data entry task internally with the help of your in-house team, you are bound to face a myriad of challenges. The tasks of data entry, data conversion, data extraction, and overall data management can cause major complexities that could hamper the decision-making power, and consequently lead to inaccurate, inconsistent, and irrelevant data at hand.

Here are some of the pressing challenges of implementing data entry in-house that you must take note of:

  • Rigid implementation structure
  • Using valuable resources in carrying out tedious data processing work when you can actually utilize them for doing core tasks that are of more importance
  • Shifting focus from the core competencies of business
  • Compromising on meeting the organization’s goals
  • Pointlessly investing in technology, training as well as infrastructure, and escalating operational expenses
  • Dependency on the company’s resources for delivering accurate and consistent data when they are already loaded with crucial tasks
  • No guarantee of delivering the task within a quick turnaround time or a deadline
  • No assurance of implementing the changes as needed

Types of Data Entry Tasks To Be be Outsourced

1. Image Data Entry

One of the many tasks pertaining to data entry includes image data entry. The image data entry task comprises:

  • Capturing high-quality images
  • Sorting & indexing of images
  • Merging images
  • Product image editing & optimization
  • Image conversion
  • Image tagging

2. Product Data Entry

If you are planning to outsource data entry services to a notable service provider, product data entry is one of the services rendered by them. The array of services offered under product data entry include:

  • Adding product titles, descriptions, features, and specifications
  • Incorporating relevant categories and subcategories
  • Inserting high-resolution product images
  • Adding competitive product prices
  • Online catalog data entry

3. Sales Invoice and Purchase Order Data Entry

Another crucial task that is outsourced is purchase order data entry and sales invoice data entry. Outsourcing this task will not only reduce the burden off the shoulders of your accounting, but also lend a helping hand in managing all the data entry work pertaining to invoices, debit and credit memos, purchase orders, business application software, updating CMS, document management systems, and so on.

4. Manual Data Entry

Even in this digital era, you might have to enter data manually, especially the printed documents, handwritten notes, or any unstructured data. So, in such a case, hiring an expert for manual data entry services is a great idea.

5. Form Processing

Another task that is covered under data entry services is form processing. If you intend to leverage your business data for critical use, then transferring the data that is stored in forms into a digital form becomes imperative. The task of form processing can be outsourced for all kinds of forms including legal, insurance, market research, enrolment, shipping, loyalty, registration, medical, and a lot more.

6. Document Formatting

Document formatting is not limited to only the publishing industry. Many companies that have any kind of documentation work including certain reports, manuals, or technical guides that need to be distributed, might need the support and assistance of an offshore company to get the desired results. You can hire them for document formatting tasks such as caption labeling and numbering, incorporating header and footer, hyperlinks and bookmark placement, and so much more.

7. Data Conversion

Converting a particular data file from one specific format to another can be quite a daunting task. You can hire experts for Word to PDF conversion, eBook conversions, document conversion, HTML as well as XML conversions to keep things going in the right direction.

8. Data Cleansing

With so much data entry and processing going on, it becomes imperative that the quality is duly maintained along with the relevance. So, to cater to that, your business data needs maintenance on a regular basis. And that’s where data cleansing comes into the picture. Data cleansing involves a series of tasks like removing duplicacy, adding the omitted or missing details, eliminating the invalid or irrelevant records, fixing and correcting the values, interlinking the multiple data sources, and so on.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

1. Faster Turnaround Time

With an in-house team of data entry operators, you will have to juggle all the responsibilities and business functions. So, it will take longer than usual to carry out data entry tasks. Since data loses value over a period of time, outsourcing seems to be a feasible option to get things done faster and within the stipulated time frame. By outsourcing data entry services to an offshore company, you are actually reducing the workload and directing your minds towards more crucial business activities. The offshore data specialists can work in a suitable time zone and accomplish the task ahead of the agreed deadline.

2. A Pool of Talent

Managing massive amounts of data isn’t a five-finger exercise. By hiring a professional data entry company, you get access to a pool of talent possessing considerable expertise and knowledge in handling large volumes of data, along with keeping it all the more relevant, consistent, and accurate.

Outsourcing can help you get the desired outcomes and carry out the analyzing part more accurately and seamlessly. This way, you will also be able to make effective business decisions making your business grow even more successful.

3. Infrastructure to Ensure Data Integrity

When you partner with a reliable data entry service provider, you are bound to benefit from them. Apart from saving a marginal amount of time and operational costs, you get to leverage the latest technologies to ensure accurate, value-driven online data entry services. Offshore companies nowadays focus on offering a data-centric infrastructure with an intent to provide quality business data.

What To Expect

  • By outsourcing, you are actually increasing cost efficiency by minimizing the internal training and use of technology
  • An increase in productivity of the internal employees and lay focus on the core competencies
  • Assurance of consistency, accuracy, and reliability of data
  • A quick turnaround time and on-time delivery of the project
  • Access to a well-trained and talented pool of resources for processing crucial business data
  • Use of latest technology and software for data entry and processing
  • Scalability and flexibility in managing large volumes of data
  • Substantial business benefits including process efficiency, data indexing, data retrieval, and more

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