11 Crucial Tips To Write Strong eCommerce Product Descriptions That Sell

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According to Statista, the United States will experience a rise of $563.4 billion in eCommerce sales by 2025. This leaves no secret that online shopping is on peak and with more eCommerce stores coming in, it is only going to grow every day. Although there are various aspects of running an online store and one of them is writing product descriptions for eCommerce sites. It is an essential aspect of online marketing and the only thing that influences buyer’s decisions is “compelling product description”. Considering professional eCommerce product description writing services can save you a lot of time and help you create descriptions that sell.

In this blog, we will discuss in-detail information about the importance of product description and the 11 most important tips to write strong product descriptions with examples.

What is a Product Description?

  • A product description highlights the detailed version of your product displayed offline or online. It can be funny, quirky, serious, or precise. It can be conveyed in a story method to engage customers. A compelling product description showcases the features and benefits in a way to convert customers into buyers. 
  • The product description should answer all the buyer’s questions in a complete, accurate, and reliable manner.
  • Make sure that the description focuses on the product’s features and benefits. Convey a message using clear pictures and product description writing to help customers understand why they need your product.

What is the Importance of Product Description?

Product descriptions upgrade the client experience by making your site look proficient and assisting you with selling your item. At the point when a potential client lands on your site and is perusing your items, they may have a couple of inquiries. On the off chance that you are an attire brand, they might need to know the fit of a particular shirt. 

A product description is utilized to show an item’s worth to an expected client on your site. Whenever progressed nicely, it will give highlights and advantages of the item which will impact an expected client to buy. An item depiction ought to remember a portrayal for how it can fix a client’s concern. 

An ideal product description demonstrates three things:

  • Product features
  • How will it benefit your customer?
  • How can it solve customer problems?

11 Tips To Write Captivating Product Descriptions With Examples

To emphasize the right benefits and features of your product, here are some essential tips to help you create appealing product descriptions and convert customers into buyers a

1. Know Your Target Audience

You must consider doing thorough research to understand your target audience while writing product descriptions for eCommerce sites. It’s very essential to filter and analyze who will be purchasing your order. Even if you have slimmed it down to age and gender, the scope still stays broad.

  • Understand shopper’s interests

These interests probably carried them to your items, and it’s useful to understand what these particular interests are. For instance, if your shop basically sells office seats, you may precisely make the suspicion your clients are fundamentally working at office occupations. 

Notwithstanding, starting here on, you could illustrate your item in your depictions. Are your customers principally centered around solace and ergonomics, center, or style? While this may seem, by all accounts, to be semantics, understanding what they are truly intrigued by will assist you with composing item portrayals that sell. This won’t just permit you to create your item depictions custom-made to your customers in any case, additionally, to possibly load up on relatable items in your specialty. 

  • Create relatable content

Write product descriptions that reflect your brand message and tone while conveying the information that customers can relate to.

  • Add a personal tone

Create a connection with the customers by using words like “you” or create mini stories to convey product information. Such things will make them keep coming back for purchase. 

2. Highlight Unique Selling Points

Many times, eCommerce merchants end up highlighting the product features rather than its benefits. It’s very essential to distinguish between benefits and features to sell your product online. Highlighting benefits doesn’t mean excluding features that are purely informational. 

For example, instead of describing that a certain sized shirt will embrace your body. It would be better to write “shirts fit true to their size.”

Remember that your potential buyers do not want to seek mainstream features and specifications. Let them know how your product can be beneficial in solving their problems. Here’s an example of Method Home, that describes one of their hand wash gels.

                                                         Image source

The description emphasizes that the hand wash is not restricted to cleaning. The fragrance spreads optimism and positivity and therefore more enjoyable.

Shout out the benefit of each of your product features. This will help shoppers to relate to your products more than ever.

3. Use Sensory words

Sensory words can increase sales by creating curiosity about the product and engage your potential buyers. Words like “fresh,” “comfortable, “velvet”, “soft” trigger emotional responses. They allow buyers to imagine and feel every bit of the product clearly. Here’s an example from Wayfair.

                                                                Image source

The furniture retailer Wayfair knows how to trigger and appeal to customer’s emotions by using words like “hug,” “comfort,” and “plush”. Moreover, it also describes practical features and details for buyers with specific needs.

Gleam your readers with realistic product descriptions to convert potential customers into potential buyers quickly.

4. Entice with Reviews and Social Proof

Transparency is the key to attract customers. Talking about eCommerce stores, it can be achieved by highlighting reviews and ratings. 

It acts as social proof that encourages people to purchase- especially if they are on the edge of buying. In short, it boosts trustworthiness, conversions, and revenue for your online business.

5. Easy to Read and Scannable Descriptions

Would you want to spend time reading a long paragraph while purchasing a product? Of course not, therefore, it is essential to create easy yet catchy designs that are easy to read and attract potential buyers.

Here’s what you should include for creating clear and scannable designs:

  • Captivate your customers with catchy headlines
  • Use easy-to-read bullet points
  • Incorporate white space
  • Increase your font size to enhance readability

Let’s have a look at the reference product description from Madewell.

                                                                Image source

Madewell used a clear format for its description. Keeping the basic details in a bulleted list, they made it easy for the customers to go through it quickly. They can use the description space to write a compelling copy to entice customers.

6. Tell Captivating and Relatable Stories

Create mini stories and link them with your product to boost traffic on your website. People pursue content which is more relatable to their life. 

For instance: UK-based Laithwaites is a wine selling website that usually posts short stories about winemakers.

While telling a story about your product, consider the following points:: 

  • Inspiration of creating the product
  • Obstacles while developing the product
  • Product testing phase

7. Use Videos to Enhance Product Info

Adding videos to demonstrate the product features gives you an edge in the online market. It helps customers to understand the product in a better way and have a close look at it. 

Videos answer a lot of customer queries therefore customers feel more confident and sure about their purchase.

8. Address Frequently Asked Questions

The most efficient way of increasing conversion through product description writing is to add a segment for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Here, you can incorporate common product related questions and answers. This will help customers take quick purchase decisions which will increase conversion rate and also brand authenticity.

9. Emphasize Key Factors

Make sure to include major information like shipping details, taxes, refund policies, etc. that are relevant to your product. Specify your policies, whether you provide shipping nationally or internationally. 

Free refunds or any other selling points that you think may attract customers should be displayed on the product page.

10. Play with Customer’s Imagination

Often people avoid online shopping as they cannot touch the product and see it through properly. But you can provide customers with a store-like shopping experience by playing with their imagination.

Use clear HD pictures, videos, or gifs along with strong product description writing skills to increase the desire of purchasing.  This example from Airbnb will help you get better insights.

Image source

Phrases like “magical wintry landscape” and “spectacular dancing color” make you imagine the scenario and push you to explore more on the website.

Incorporating such phrases brings life to your descriptions as customers can also relate to it on an emotional level.

11. SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

  • Anything that is easy to read catches the attention of the consumers. Hence, including bullet points, essential information about the product can be a great way to increase content scannability.
  • From the SEO perspective, product descriptions should include both short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords as it highly affects the search volume.
  • Create fresh and unique product descriptions to create brand authenticity and maintain consistency.

How Our eCommerce Product Description Services Can Scale Your Business?

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Final Thoughts

Try out these aforementioned tips to nail down a perfect product description. The quintessence of powerful copywriting that sells is brief effortlessness, successful communication, and apt information to track down the ideal blend of words that precisely convey your brand message and product features.

However, if you are looking for professional eCommerce Product Description Writing Services, we are here to help. Get in touch with us via email at info@data-entry-india.com

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