12 Exceptional Tips To Drive Your Amazon Sales in 2021

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Amazon has flourished and procured a sufficient faithful client base. Presently, it has gotten one of the biggest eCommerce retailers. Obviously, there is no easing back down. As prominence rises, more dealers are developing their organizations on Amazon. With pandemic and our lifestyles, much has changed with regards to selling items on Amazon and eCommerce overall. 

According to a survey of 2000+ US customers, 89 percent of buyers agree that they prefer buying products from Amazon over other eCommerce sites. It’s an ideal opportunity to build your deals on Amazon, beginning today. Furthermore, here we are to give you tips to boost your Amazon sales amidst pandemic and how Amazon product listing optimization services can be helpful to do so.

1. Optimize Your Listings

Amp up your Amazon product listings and optimize them for keyword relevance to draw in more customers. Make sure to include brand name, product features, material, color, size information, and other details accurately. Don’t forget to highlight the main features of your product along with 2-3 high-quality images covering different angles.

Refer to A Quick Guide: How To Leverage Amazon & Get The Best Of Your Business to create impressive product listings by leveraging our Amazon Product Listing Services.

2. Sync and Manage Your Inventory

Inventory plays a huge role when it comes to boosting your organic ranking on Amazon. Amazon can shrink and uplift your storage limits based on your inventory performance. Managing inventory can be a daunting task. More inventory results in high storage fees and less can lead to missing on great sales opportunities. 

Therefore, syncing your inventory can simplify your job as it allows you to keep a tab of the stocks and update changes seamlessly. For this, you need to automate your tasks using effective inventory management software. You can also hire an Amazon consultant who is well-versed with the latest software and tools to enhance your operations and inventory efficiency. It also saves you the time of doing the same task over and over again, helping you to focus on other essential functions. 

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Amazon Inventory Management to grab potential sales opportunities.

3. Post Captivating Product Photos

Pictures are the only source to know the product inside out, especially during online shopping. Low-quality pictures can ruin customer experience and even repel them back to other products. Here are some simple tips to help you capture clear pictures easily:

  • Shoot under natural light so that the pictures appear even.
  • Avoid using a flashlight and adjust the white balance to auto.
  • Use a tripod to place your camera or smartphone to avoid blurry photos.
  • A white or light-natural backdrop can work wonders to enhance product image.
  • Consider putting your products in real-time situations so buyers can have an idea about how to use it.

4. Boost Traffic With High-Quality Content

You must have heard the phrase “content is king.” Quality content can boost a great amount of traffic to your product page.

The first thing that grabs customer attention is a Title. Create and optimize catchy titles that emphasize your product feature precisely and sets it apart. This will further drive your rankings too.

Generally, the product listings on Amazon have similarities in the way descriptions are displayed. All the specifications are listed in one go in a paragraph. This is what you need to take care of to stand apart from the competitors. Craft your product description in an organized and compelling way to turn the visitors into buyers. Present clear examples of how useful the product can be, how it can solve buyer’s problems, and highlight the benefits over features.

Here are 11 Crucial Tips To Write Strong eCommerce Product Descriptions That Sell

5. Outsource Amazon Optimization Services

One of the effective ways of driving your sales on Amazon is by outsourcing Amazon store optimization services. Outsourcing can help to get your hands on highly skilled professionals who conduct keyword-specific optimization so that the products can be found from a variety of sources other than direct visits to the website as well.

6. The Power Of Influencer Marketing 

A study shows that 49% of consumers look at influencer reviews and videos before buying a product. 

Instagram has been an epic platform for budding influencers. They are accessible and relatable to the consumers, this leads to higher engagement. Followers have the freedom to interact with these influencers through comments and DMs to ask questions about the product. Product recommendation stories are often considered as trusted sources that incline consumers to finally make a purchase.

Influencer marketing has been on the rise since it has proven to give businesses a huge boost with immediate exposure to an engaged audience. Developing a loyal following is hard to achieve, and you can’t get the same results quickly if you stick to the usual social media tactics.

Reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them if they’d be willing to do something like a demo or a video unboxing and promote it to their followers. This tactic can become a bit pricey depending on the influencer’s rate and reach. Some may be willing to promote for free, however, as long as they get the product free of charge.

What’s good about using “influencer connecting” platforms is that they provide detailed filters so you can focus on audience size, demographics, and location. 

7. Leverage Instagram Sales Channel

While many consider Facebook as the top web-based media channel, Instagram isn’t a long way behind. Throughout the long term, this picture-sharing stage has become the ideal spot for eCommerce organizations to catch their optimal clients’ eye. 

Utilizing your Instagram feed and the Instagram Story highlight is a decent method of displaying your items to the client fragments that are well on the way to get them. It helps to promote your standard posts and high engagement level. Do not forget to maintain the quality of your posts throughout the process. Add eye-catchy captions to keep your consumers hooked on to the post for long. The longer your post is viewed, the more is the frequency of your stories and posts being displayed.

Promoting doesn’t mean that you only have to post pictures of your product. Rather, go ahead and share stories of people who have talked about their experiences of using your product with a positive review.

Engaging and communicating with the consumers is the best way to create conversions. One of the most common mistakes made by eCommerce sellers is they get busy posting pictures and stories. They forget to interact with consumers whereas it is important to understand that creating social awareness is a two-way process. Talk to your followers or visitors, answer their queries, and develop a connection to drive your overall sales.

If you have a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) vendor account, you can make a web-based media promotion code that you can use to drive buy prepared traffic to an Amazon point of arrival. Essentially go to the Promotions segment where you can appropriately set it up. This greeting page just shows your things, allowing you a superior opportunity of landing deals. 

Finally, Instagram Ads are an extraordinary alternative. You can make Story Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and so on. Since you’re focusing on your advertisements at curated crowds dependent on interests and social investigation, they do have a higher pace of transformation to convert leads to clicks.

8. Execute a Flexible Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the key factors to stay ahead in the competition at the Amazon marketplace. 

The type of Amazon selling technique you pick will solely depend on your business performance. You can choose a manual, rule-based, or algorithmic strategy. 

  • Manual repricing strategy is really obvious. You would change the cost physically either through Amazon Seller Central or other comparable locales. This sort of repricing is best for dealers with a couple of items to sell since time is running short it will take to physically reprice every item
  • Rule-based repricing changes the cost because of a dealer’s competitors. There are various predefined decisions that can be applied, all with a definitive objective of having the least cost. This repricing technique is considered by numerous individuals as the strategy that permits you to acquire the most cutthroat cost.
  • Algorithmic repricing permits dealers to set an ideal cost by algorithms dependent on totally realized economic situations. This kind of repricing inspects an assortment of measurements that influence the dealer’s odds of winning the Buy Box. One of the essential advantages of algorithmic valuing is that it is unbiased and totally depends on real-time information.

9. Win Amazon Buy Box

In the event that you need to build item deals on Amazon, you need to monitor your competitor’s techniques and gain from their shortcomings. With the opposition ascending on Amazon, it’s difficult to remain on the ball. Despite the fact that Amazon never parts with the specific measurements that impact Buy Box qualification, notwithstanding, it considers:

  • Feedback and product reviews
  • A fast delivery system
  • Refunds and return rates
  • Inventory volume
  • Pricing

10. Entice Customers With Video Ads

Sponsored Brand Video ads are inserted with different listings that show up on the search result pages. All the effects, transitions, and other elements in the video are created in a way to entice customers, make them stop and click on the product. However, successful video ad campaigns depend on the quality and uniqueness of the video  Here are some quick tips to help you leverage this new type of promotion: 

  • Present your product in the initial 5 seconds.
  • Be precise and show your product highlights and advantages. 
  • Do not include any claims.
  • Optimize your product page.

11. More Reviews, More Sales

Product reviews increase the reliability and trust of consumers in your brand. People want to get their hands on the best products available online and one of the ways is to catch up on the reviews. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your product page, roll out surveys, or send a feedback form along with the package. This will help in increasing your online sales as well as brand authenticity.

12. Go Global

Do you think of expanding your market on Amazon globally? Well, this may take immense effort but if you start exploring and selling in the markets that are newly introduced, the growth scope can be huge. For instance, Japan, Australia, and India are new and upcoming marketplaces with comparatively less competition. If you start at this very point, you can gain a competitive edge over other sellers.

Wrapping Up

Focusing on the above aspects will help you expand your deals on Amazon as well as assist you with accomplishing consumer loyalty. However, hiring an Amazon consultant is worth an investment and can take the burden from your shoulders by getting the job done efficiently. It can save you time to focus on other crucial business operations. Discuss your SEO requirements with us through info@data-entry-india.com and we will get back to you with reliable solutions.

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