How Outsourcing Data Capturing Services Can Help Your Business

Outsource Data Capture Services

The process of data capturing is vital for large organizations to keep business-critical information readily accessible. However, spending resources and time on this labor-intensive task may not be a feasible alternative than to outsource it to a provider. It involves a tremendous amount of work hours while capturing the information from different sources and storing it in digital files, hard-copy files, and online sources. Outsourcing data capture services take the load from your shoulder and lets you focus on the core activities of your business. In this article, we have mentioned the different aspects of the data capture services and the benefits outsourcing brings to your organization:

Major Data Capture Methods

The process of data capturing is divided into two segments, manual and automated. While the manual capturing is not preferred because of the time consuming and labor-intensive nature, you will still find its application in many businesses. The automated data capture technology comes with a high initial cost, but the operating cost is much lower than the manual data capturing.

Manual Data Capturing

In manual data capturing, the data is entered by an operator manually with the help of traditional input devices. Businesses have moved to automated data capturing because of the time- and cost-efficiency. Also, the manual entering requires certain programs for the keying of text or figures, like Excel or Word.

Automated Data Capture

The use of technology to capture data is called automated data capturing. It involves high-setup cost, but the operation cost is significantly lower because of the reduced manpower. Moreover, the data in the present world largely exist in electronic forms, which in turn reduces the cost of implementation. Therefore, the creation of techniques and technology of automated methods of data capturing is more prominent these days, each suitable for a particular data source or type.

Automated data capture involves the use of technologies such as OMR, ICR, and OCR, described below individually.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

In this technology, the machine-printed documents such as PDF files or image files are converted into data with search and editing features.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Recognizing and capturing of the handwritten characters from printed image files is achieved with the intelligent character recognition. This technology is more complicated and less accurate when compared to other technologies because of the handwritten text damages over time. However, the technology gets smarter with time and more samples, justifying the intelligent in its name.

Optical Mark Reading (OMR)

The human-marked documents, such as surveys and forms,are processed with OMR technology. The technology differentiates between checked and unchecked boxes, providing accurate and fast results.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Capture Services

Saving cost was the foremost reason for the organizations to consider outsourcing their data capturing process. While cost is still a major reason, the efficiency of service providers on various other parameters has made it a better alternative with many benefits to the organization availing these services. Outsourcing has made it possible for businesses to focus more on their core tasks and let the experts manage the cumbersome task of data capturing. We have mentioned some more benefits of outsourcing data capturing services to help you make the decision:

Smart Partnerships

You have the flexibility of scaling and customizing the services based on your requirements when you outsource services to an experienced vendor. This allows the outsourcer to reduce the data capturing capacity in different periods. Thus, the relationship developed with the service provider is long-term and sustainable for both parties.

More Focus on Core Activities

The core and non-core activities are significant for businesses to survive in the competitive world. However, non-core activities such as data capturing can result in considerable investment in hiring and training of employees, to managing them. Also, the cost of infrastructure and technology can be quite unnecessary when you have the option to outsource the whole process. Moreover, the focus is now on the core activities that are vital for your business.  This can also result in higher operating profits and business efficiencies.

Use of Latest Technology

The high-performance services offered by the outsourcing companies are achieved with the use of the latest technology. It is an essential requirement for the service providers to upgrade themselves to the latest tech. Therefore, if you search for the right data capturing services provider, you save plenty of money by not investing in the in-house technology required for the task.

Shared Risk

The vendor is completely responsible for the accuracy of the data. The inaccuracy and errors in data processing are extremely low since the process is managed by experts in the field. Also, the risk of obsolescence of infrastructure and technology is eliminated when you outsource your process.

Improved Productivity

The service providers have a team with experienced executives in the data capturing process. This introduces your business to talent without the hassle of the acquisition process. Productivity thus increases to a great extent. Another major factor contributing to productivity is the smart use of after-hours data entry support when they outsource services to countries like India because of the difference in time zones.


The driving factor of the process from the in-house team to a BPO is the cost-efficiency of the later. The cost is saved from a variety of factors mentioned above, including the infrastructure, technology, resources, labor, operations, and more.

Strengthen Your Business’s Operational Efficiency by Outsourcing Data Capture Services

Outsourcing data capturing services, or for that matter, choosing the right third-party vendor, is not just about saving costs; it also extends a competitive advantage over decision making to your organization., a division of SunTec India, has served a wide range of industry domains and enterprises for nearly 20+ years. As a prominent data outsourcing vendor with a global presence, we are a team of data specialists, data entry experts, and data analysis professionals, working in tandem to help our clients extract and capture data from all possible sources, online and offline.

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