Why Accurate And Timely Data Entry Is A Must For Any Business?

Handling large volumes of data entry and analysis necessitate highly experienced and capable professionals. For fewer errors and faster turnarounds, stringent quality control processes are a must.

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Accurate And Timely Data Entry: Must For Business

Let’s take a look at the flow of Data Entry Process:

  • If the documents to be processed are in the form of images or photographs, they are scanned and uploaded to an online server through a secure FTP.
  • The documents are accessed over VPN, and the files are then downloaded.
  • The documents are indexed, sorted and then they are moved to private work folders for easier distribution of work.
  • The data is then fed into data management applications to meet your needs, or even into excel sheets as per your requirements.
  • Processed data passes through a round of quality checks before being sent to the customer.
  • Error rates are monitored by the experts and kept below 0.05-1% for all data entry projects.

What kind of services you can expect when you outsource your Data Entry Requirements?

Double monitors are used by the Data Entry Service providers to reduce the error rates and accelerate the turnaround time. All the work done by the Data Entry Services is passed through a quality check process before it is delivered to the customer.

  • Data entry from print product catalogs to web based systems
  • Data entry from soft/hard copy to any database format
  • Indexing of PDF Documents
  • Online Data Capture Services
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Document retrieval services based on web index with tools and support

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