Cleaning, Fixing, Sorting and Optimizing Your Data

Data is crucial to success for most organizations.  Quality of data is one of the most fundamental aspects of realizing that success. It is for this reason, organizations need to scrutinize how effective and cleansed their data is for better customer retention and new marketing campaigns.

Data Cleansing / Data Scrubbing Services

Cleaning, Fixing, Sorting and Optimizing Your Data

Data Cleansing Service is comprised of a host of processes that converge to ensure that data is precise, exclusive and latest. Data cleansing ensures that your data is correct, consistent and properly formatted. The Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing consists of the following:

  • De-duplication, the method of eliminating duplicated data at several levels
  • Residency verification for identifying which of your customers can be certified as currently resident
  • Postal Address File (PAF) cleansing for rectifying invalid or misspelt addresses and postal codes
  • Name and profile append for recognizing the names of the current residents and enhancing their profile information (e.g., wealth, age, status) to your customers
  • Address standardization and enhancements by validating names and addresses
  • Gone-away suppression flags or removes personages who have moved house
  • Mortality screening identifies deceased records
  • Preference service screening for eliminating unmailable, uncallable and unfixable data
  • Telephone number appending for adding or updating phone numbers
  • Email validation for confirming your email addresses are valid and consistent with the contact details
  • Email appending business for adding email addresses for businesses
  • Gender analysis of individuals
  • Age suppression by age
  • Unusable records for examining your database for salacious or inoperative records
  • Country detection for classifying foreign records and adding the right country information
  • Address suppression for getting rid of international addresses, PO boxes, BFPO’s, etc.

Data cleansing processes amend the data by scrapping or removing the corrupt data. Finally, data cleansing or data scrubbing helps you get your data ready to go to work for you.

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