A Quick Guide: How To Leverage Amazon & Get The Best Of Your Business

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“As of 2019, Amazon was ranked as the world’s most valuable retail brand, with a brand value of around 316 billion U.S. dollars.” (Statista)

Almost every business owner aims to leverage this growth. Being a seller on Amazon is pretty easy. However, managing the store and stepping the ladder to success is where the challenge lies. So, here is a quick guide on how you can make the most of your eCommerce efforts through Amazon.

Let us start with why you should focus on building impressive product listings to ensure success for your store.

Why Is It Important To Have Impressive Product Listings

Product listings are important because they allow you to communicate and engage with customers. Online shopping offers restricted interaction. And, customers always have a few questions while browsing products. Product listings bridge this gap. How are you going to cater to them and answer their queries? Through product listings. 

Product listings provide all the details that customers may want to know about the product. 

Professionally structured listings build trust. It positively influences the users and prompts them into thinking that you are a reliable and legitimate seller.

Amazon has listed a variety of products. Some of them are completely different, while others are the same, but having different sellers. Now, how does Amazon differentiate and decide which product in a specific category needs to be ranked? This is where product listings come into the picture. The way you present your items through your product listings determines if you stand out from the rest. Impressive and well-optimized product listings significantly enhance your organic search visibility. This is another reason why you are in dire need of impressive and interactive product listings. 

As product listings define your business’ performance and sales, top sellers suggest that outsourcing Amazon product listing services is the best option. It ensures professionally structured product listings that drive sales and boost your rankings.

Here are some primary elements which you should have in your product listings to have the best on Amazon.

The Primary Factors Your Product Listing Should Never Miss

1. Comply With A9 Algorithm

Amazon product listing services

Amazon has its own algorithm for search results – the A9 Algorithm. This is the most talked-about topic when it comes to achieving success with your Amazon store. It is a methodology that analyzes all the product listings on the Amazon marketplace. It then determines the most relevant products on the basis of what the buyers type in the search box and ranks them accordingly.

The algorithm is based on some significant set of rules that identify the keywords. These rules identify which product listing is the most relevant and deserves the top rank.

Product listing having relevant content is one parameter of this algorithm. The conversion rate is another. Amazon is a marketplace where you sell products. Hence, how much sales you are bringing in has to be a significant criterion.

So, after the keywords, A9 checks on the conversion rate of the product listings. It only ranks those listings that have a good history in conversions and offer better customer service. Those listings that have relevant content but have a low sales past will rank below.

Therefore, compliance with the A9 algorithm is one factor that should never be missed if you wish to have success with your Amazon store. Go through it by heart if you wish to shine on this marketplace.

However, as the A9 algorithm is a little too complicated to understand and abide by, most sellers seek professional assistance to ensure their product listings comply with A9. Besides, outsourcing Amazon product listing services is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to get professionally optimized listings and achieve success on Amazon.

2. Focus On Product Title And Descriptions

Product listing Services

Often sellers overlook the quality of content their product listings should have. They put emphasis on keyword relevancy and forget the rest. However, stuffing relevant keywords in your content blindly will not get you any closer to success. It will only confuse your customers instead.

Therefore, you must focus on the way you write the title and description. The title should carry the most relevant information about your product. While finalizing a title and description, think like a customer. Understand the shopping behavior of your target audience. Know what they are most likely to type when searching for a product on Amazon. 

For instance: “Marshall Headphones” might not work effectively when it comes to attracting customers’ attention. Whereas, “Marshall Mode EQ In-Ear Headphones (Black/Brass)” is a title that provides all the information to the customer. And, the use of multiple keywords will enable it to show up for more search results.

The same applies to product description as well. Use keywords in a way that it provides all the relevant information that the buyers are looking for. Engage with the customers and sell your product. Leverage your knowledge of marketing and understanding of consumer behavior. And, merge them with your copywriting skills to enlighten your buyers on why your product is different than the rest and more beneficial than your peers.

3. Have High-quality Photos Visible From Every Angle

professional product photography

When shopping online, customers have the right to know and see what they are buying. As it is just a platform, all impressions about the product are gathered through images. Hence, it is imperative for you to showcase exactly what you are selling.

If you are unable to upload genuine pictures of the product, it will prompt your customers into thinking that you are not a reliable seller. In the end, you will lose out on a lot of sales. Even dull or unfocused images tend to divert your customers away. They are unlikely to trust such images as they lack professionalism.

It is advisable to go for professional product photography if you wish to boost sales on your amazon store. Always provide multiple photos clicked from every angle in your product listings so that the customers have better clarity on every detail of the product.

Note: In addition to professionally clicked clear images, you can have high-quality videos showcasing your products. This will give you extra points on reliability as a seller.

4. Engage Your Buyers Through Good Reviews

Product Reviews services

Reviews are one of the most effective ways of interacting with your buyers. 

Almost every buyer of amazon goes to the reviews section to check the reliability of the seller. They compare the products through reviews and decide which is better among your competitors. For more positive reviews, you have more chances to sell.

Therefore, encourage your buyers to write reviews for you. Send a note across asking them to drop a review if they like the product. On any negative review, apologize and rectify the issue as soon as possible. A positive attitude towards an unsatisfied customer might influence them to remove the negative review. Better customer service will make you earn more points with the A9 algorithm.

5. Ensure Your Products Are In The Right Category And Sub-categories

Product data entry services

When you are dealing with thousands of products, it often gets quite difficult to manage the hundreds and thousands of product listings. It also leads to confusion about listing the products in the right category. One slight mistake can result in low conversions.

For instance, if you are selling an electronic device, you would not want it to be shown in the apparel section. Your product will not get the desired audience. Hence, having your products in the right categories is imperative when buyers are searching or browsing for related products.

One good alternative to ensure that you are being found by the right customers is to go for product data entry services. Professionals will manually list your products and verify all the categories and subcategories for every product listings your store has.

Final words

There are many ways to achieve that competitive edge on Amazon. Yet, following the above-mentioned factors is one of the easiest and most effective ways to kick off your eCommerce store.

It is understandable that getting everything streamlined the moment you start your business on Amazon is quite challenging. Mastering the techniques, comprehending the A9 algorithm and knowing how the process would work for you may take a lot of time. Thus, it is better to go for Amazon product listing services to ensure the best results with your online store. 

If you wish to know more about how to leverage this platform, drop a mail to info@data-entry-india.com and get in touch with Amazon marketplace experts. Get a free consultation on how you can perform and boost your sales.

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