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OCR Conversion and Scanning Services

These days, businesses and offices across the world are either seeking to go paperless or drastically cut down on the use of paper. Maintaining huge stashes of documents in the hardcopy format is an infrastructural challenge for any office. Besides, too much paper can act as a leaden weight tugging at and slowing down workplace productivity. Information and data that lies in paper based documents is both very difficult to search and retrieve. It involves rummaging through endless bundles of files. Editing, duplicating and sharing this information is also expensive and time consuming.

OCR Conversion and Scanning Services Advantages of a paperless office are a legion. Once documents are digitized and properly indexed they can yield their information and data in a matter of seconds. You can search for and retrieve any document you want right on your computer without leaving your desk. Further, you can endlessly edit and duplicate your documents. They can also be combined, manipulated and emailed with ease. OCR Conversion and Scanning Services are the shortest and the most practical route to these comforts.

Optical Character recognition (OCR) is a technology that transforms image files into text in either the ASCII or the Unicode format. Data is thus captured and converted into a form that can be handled by the computer. An organization can quickly and accurately convert its paper based data into soft copies employing the OCR technology. This data can then be edited, indexed and shared as one chooses. Searching and retrieving data also gets infinitely easier. The result is a reduced dependence on paper and increased workplace productivity. Alongside OCR conversion, another option before offices and businesses is to simply scan and save their documents in the pdf, tiff or any other format they prefer. Scanning is an apt choice if it is not necessary for an organization to have its data in an editable form. 

OCR conversion and scanning, however, require specialized training and expensive machinery. Getting OCR conversion and scanning done in-house will mean not just hiring or training personnel but also setting up a whole new infrastructure. The cost of all this can be prohibitive. You can skirt all the trouble and get these tasks performed efficiently and economically by outsourcing OCR Conversion Services to us.

Outsource OCR Conversion and Scanning Services to Data-Entry-India.com:

At Data-Entry-India.com, we help our clients lessen their dependence on paper with our ingenious Scanning and OCR Conversion Services. Capturing and converting data with an Optical Character Recognition system is both more accurate and faster than manual data entry.We have built cutting edge OCR systems by integrating the most modern scanners with the latest OCR software. Our OCR conversion software combines image acquisition and image enhancement technologies and can also be customized to suit your requirements. Our OCR systems can read and sift through data unaided. They can differentiate between image and text and faultlessly analyze and convert each character into the ASCII code. We have the capability to handle all kinds of documents, printed and hand written. Our highly trained personnel fully understand the value you attach to your data and will put the finished project through a thorough correction and cleanup process. The result will be a very nearly hundred percent accurate OCR conversion. We will capture and convert data from your files, forms, applications, resumes etc. and build you an efficient paper-less office.

The scanners at Data-Entry-India.com can perform high-resolution scanning very fast as they come with automatic document feeders. We will save the scanned files in a format that meets your needs best and is compatible with your document management systems and indexing needs. So, your choice of formats is not just restricted to pdf and tiff. You also have the option of choosing the resolution at which you want them scanned, 300 dpi, 600 dpi or more. We can scan documents in every industry standard image format irrespective of whether they are forms-based, numeric-based, text-based, image-based or mixed-format documents. We perform both black and white and color scanning. Once we are done with converting and scanning your documents we will either email you the finished project or you will have the option of downloading it from a secure FTP server.

We offer OCR Conversion Services at the most competitive rates and in quick turnaround time. To know more about our OCR Conversion and Scanning Services please mail us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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