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Case Studies

Medical Records Review

Project Overview
The client is a healthcare management firm in USA dealing in medico-legal case reviews. The project required us to fill up predefined template with particular findings based on the review of medical documents provided to us by the client.

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Interactive CD Applications and Data Digitization:

SunTec delivers 5th edition of Chartered Secretary on CD, which contains 36 years' of Chartered Secretary Journals published by Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The project consisted of developing an Interactive CD Application (to organize, index and publish a large body of mixed content such as text, images, illustrations) and digitizing 36 years of journals (scanning, text & XHTML conversion, creating metadata and indexes).

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Web Content Production / Catalog Processing Services / Online Stores Maintenance / Data entry into ecommerce websites

Data entry into ecommerce websites (Yahoo! Store, OsCommerce, MonsterCommerce based online store or any custom built e-commerce portal): SunTec receives yet another testimonial from a satisfied customer.

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Data Entry India, A Division of SunTec

Offshore Dedicated Team: Remotely located dedicated staff for Content and Data Management Services:

Secure data entry services for coding/indexing images using remote login. Developed a Win32 application running off the client's Windows 2003. Implemented using Terminal Services.

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W3C validated XHTML / CSS Markup and Document Conversion Services:

The Institute of Austrian and International Tax Law of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - in cooperation with other institutions - wanted to digitalise historic documents on tax treaty law which were based in the OEEC/OECD archives in Paris.

These documents available as scanned PDF Image files needed to be double keyed into valid XHTML 1.1 documents according to document type definition provided by W3C (a validation service is available at http://validator.w3.org/). The client wanted guaranteed accuracy rate (of 99.995%) for the double keying of OEEC documents with all characters readable.

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XML Conversion as per DAISY technology/standards:

TPB approached us to convert the content from print originals to DAISY specific format applying XML meta tags. Powered by a superior production grade capturing system that includes an advanced OCR engine, and the OCR to XML conversion tool for a comprehensive XML conversion process, SunTec provides high quality paper to XML conversion.

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Web Research / Data Extraction / Data Mining Services

Data Mining and Data Entry for a Fortune 50 company: A world renowned consulting firm wanted a vendor who can go over their Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work entered with various clients. They wanted the vendor to extract specific data after a thorough analysis of the agreements and then this data had to be entered into a database.

The major challenge in this project was that no two agreements were the same and there was no standardized format to be followed. It was not a straight forward data entry job. It required extensive data analysis and major calculations.

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Knowledge Discovery - Abstraction, Coding and Web Research

Data Analysis Services for reviewing more than 20,000 NASD and NYSE award cases: We were approached by a leading Securities Arbitration Lawyer and Investment Advisor to review more than 20,000 NASD and NYSE award cases to analyze and investigate the fairness of the mandatory arbitration system imposed by the securities industry on all investors

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Digitization (Scanning, Indexing, Metadata) of 100 years of British Birds

Digitization (Scanning, Indexing, Metadata) of 100 years of British Birds: the complete multimedia contents fully searchable on DVD-ROM.

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Mortgage Data Entry Service for Authorized Real Estate Consultants & Brokers

The client is a chief real estate consultant functional across various counties of Texas in America. It provides extensive databases and customized research information to all those interested in any kind of real estate transaction.

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Data Management, Online Research & Internet Marketing for Travel Industry

The client works as a market place and community network for travel-related information from around the world. They work towards extending the market reach of each tour operator and also help tourists access multiple tour itineraries and plan their trips accordingly.

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Shopping Cart Data Entry, Product Update and Order Processing Service for e-commerce store based in US.

The client is an online e-commerce children's boutique offering a huge variety of baby products and accessories under various brands and categories. Through their interactively designed websites they focus on different target audiences. They have thousands of product offerings under various categories and several brands.

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Real Estate Photo Editing and Image Enhancement Services

Our client provides visual marketing services to the real estate industry and helps them attract more buyers. They bring together leading business opportunities for realty companies in terms of giving eminent pictorial depiction to their real-estate offerings. They have several professional photographers on the pool who serve both large and small customers and help them market a property in a professional manner.

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Education Industry Online Data Entry

The client is a global online study network, helping international students find suitable educational prospects with overseas universities. Through their website they provide continuously updated course-related information coming from various international universities and assist students with documentation, visa requirements, meeting deadlines and answering many other queries. Students can directly apply for any university course and conveniently manage their applications through a personal profile on their website.

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