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Frequently Asked Question

How do you handle any problems that occur during the project?

Problems can and often do occur after the production has started. The most frequent problem is that some of the source documents cannot be read accurately or do not conform to the data entry/indexing rules.resources, manpower, cheap labor, data keying operators, data entry operators

We send a regular progress report to our project managers in US or UK. Part of the report contains the list of problems. The project manager is responsible for getting answers quickly, making decisions based on prior work with the client or contacting the customer to discuss how to best resolve the problem. The goal is to answer questions quickly to keep the project on schedule.

Many a times, the source documents have some poor quality images. We help you to find the problems, by providing a list of illegible images or parts of an image. The customer's staff is then able to examine the problems and supply the correct data. A second strategy is to enter a code for any illegible data. The customer can then search the database of illegible codes and make needed corrections.99.995% accuracy, precision

How do you receive documents and return the data?

Data-Entry-India.com strictly controls access to your source documents and the data.

For most projects, source documents are first scanned to tif images and saved on CD media. For small volumes or projects requiring fast turnaround, the tif images are sent via the Internet for offshore processing. For larger volumes or projects with longer timelines, the source paper documents or the CDs are sent to us via common carriers such as FedEx. Data is returned in computer file formats via email or FTP, or if required, sent by the carrier on CD, tape, or other media.data processing, Data, data warehousing, data mining

How does Data-Entry-India.com achieve high quality?

Quality means entering all of your data from source documents without errors or omissions. We achieve this with thorough the following:Indian Data entry Management companies

Sample work / testing :
Before we begin full production for any project, we perform tests to assure the final results are exactly what the customer wants. Testing usually uncovers any quality or production issues, and lets the customer see the actual output and how it can be used.work from internet, data transfer through secure communications

Technology and Software Tools :
Computer software can help verify accurate data entry. We use field validation, table lookups, consistency formulas, and logic rules. Validation tables are used to assure that only acceptable data is entered. It might include checking zip code, city and state against the postal service database or checking medical diagnosis codes against the AMA database. If your project has specific database of acceptable information, our software can set "validation" rules and checks.

Double Entry Keying :
One proven tactic to guarantee accuracy is double keying the data. Two independent data operators type the same data. The computer compares the results and notifies the operator if the two resulting databases are different. An independent operator can then decide what the correct data is. If the source documents are illegible, we identify the problem and send the customer a list of documents they should look at to get the correct information.

Training :
We constantly provide training to our employees to achieve high accuracy. Apart from regular training programs, operators and proofreaders at Data-Entry-India.com undergo specific job-specific training before they begin work on any project. This ensures that they thoroughly understand the requirements of each project at hand.

Quality Assurance :
Quality means that the finished product meets your accuracy, format and deadline requirements. The QA system includes procedures and schedules for data entry, validation checking, random quality checks, and output delivery. Output is thoroughly checked before delivery.

What is an ODT Model?

Offshore Dedicated Team Model ("ODT Model") refers to a dedicated team that is organized exclusively for you to work on your various projects at a fixed monthly fee. Under this model, you get a team that has direct experience in you line of work, can work in flexible timings, gives you daily output and status, gives high accuracy and comes at such discounted rates that you would not regret outsourcing your work to this Offshore Dedicated Team. They become extensions to your office.

How does this Model work?

Once we receive an interest from you in knowing more about this model, our Business Representative will get the details of the job from you and offer you a one week trial period. The specifics of the job are passed on to our ODT Manager who will study your requirements and with the help of his trusted resources execute the job for a week. If he faces any queries during this week, he will get in touch with you to get the issues resolved. Once we receive your approval on the sample, we carefully select a team that has direct experience in your line of work and give them training for a week. This ensures that once your project gets underway, everything is streamlined. A dedicated Project Officer is assigned for your projects who will give you daily updates and getting any issues sorted out.

How do I ensure that I get the best people on my team?

The one week trial period we offer to you gives a thorough understanding of the nature of your job and this helps us in carefully screening our staff and selecting the best people from there who have a better understanding of the nature of your work. Our employees have knowledge of the latest technology.

How do I stay in touch with my team?

The Dedicated Project Officer assigned for your project remains in daily contact with you. You can stay in touch with you team through e-mails, IMs.

How many hours per week does a dedicated team work?

Our team works 6 days a week, 8 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. However, in case there is an urgent requirement, our team can also work on Sundays.

What services are covered by this ODT Model?

As we offer a mixed pool of services and have staff that keeps itself up-to-date with the latest technology, we offer this Model for a varied range of services. Some of the services for which this model is frequently used are: . Catalog Processing . Maintenance of E-commerce/Online Stores . Image Editing and Graphic Support . E-learning and Multimedia Solutions . Programming and Coding for websites . Legal Support Services . Data Entry and Processing . Internet Research

How do I get in touch with you?

Just go to our Contact Us page to get all the contact information or simply e-mail us at info@data-entry-india.com and one of our Business Representatives will get back to you.

How do I ensure that my data is kept secure?

Data-Entry-India.com has the policy of entering into Confidentiality Agreements with each member of our staff. Besides, we also enter into NDAs with or clients. We are committed to protecting your confidentiality.

How do I ensure that my data is not lost?

We have well formulated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans in place. We ensure that regular backup of data is taken and this back-up is not only kept securely at our onsite location but also at our offsite locations.

Do I pay for vacations or sick leaves of my dedicated team?


Do I pay any start up or maintenance costs?


What is the price for your ODT Model?

As we offer this model for varying services, the prices are disclosed to the clients while discussing the project specifics with them. However, we offer the most affordable rates imaginable under this ODT Model. To know more get in touch with us at info@data-entry-india.com or at 9810162968.

How do I pay you? Which mode of payment is preferred?

Generally payments are made by way of wire transfers, credit card or PayPal. There is a 5% surcharge in case you pay by credit card or PayPal.

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