The Process and Purpose of Mailing List Compilation

Mailing lists are a key element in any direct marketing campaign. Marketing and sales people often spend a lot of resources and efforts in compiling mailing lists themselves, instead of focusing on their core expertise, i.e., developing marketing plans and strategies. Even worse is when they don’t target the right market and all their efforts go in vain. Thus, accurate mailing list compilation is crucial for a business to grow.

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By outsourcing mailing list compilation to an experienced service provider, you get the dual advantage of the right people and technology to get you the desired results. With years of experience, list brokers help you target and reach the precise audience, while also increasing your efficiency and profits by several folds. They first review and evaluate your campaign and then research those who are actually interested in your products and services. This is known as “targeted marketing” as it helps understand and identify customer’s needs and requirements. This helps you identify and reach your targeted audience. Outsourcing companies compile consumer and business mailing lists customized to your exact needs.

Mailing list compilation is done using several sources such as telephone directories, government sources and private sources like membership lists, house to house campaigning, etc.

Below listed are some the widely used Mailing List Compilation services:-

    • Company or Customer Name
    • Profession
    • Age
    • Income
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Country
  • Authenticating or updating an existing list/database
  • Compilation of Internet/ Printed Directory/ Electronic document – based mailing list
  • Insertion or removal of fields in the mailing list
  • Compilation of customer and commercial mailing list
  • Compilation of website database of companies
  • Formatting such as splitting or merging fields in the mailing list (such as the contact name or the city/state/zip code)
  • Formatting fields to enhance readability
  • Eliminating the records with missing fields
  • Convert to and from combined fields into a separate database column

The pluses of outsourcing Mailing List Compilation services:

  • Better and more focus on core areas of work/business
  • Benefit of hiring an expert and experienced professionals who deal with such work every day
  • Latest tools and technology
  • Drastic decrease in operation cost and increase in ROI
  • Assurance of qualitatively compiled mailing lists
  • Fast turnaround of work
  • Efficiency and skill at handling large volumes of data
  • Added advantage of address cleaning services like verifying street, city, state and zip code, etc.
  • Free work sample to offer an insight into service provider’s expertise

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