How To Ace eCommerce Product Description Writing

eCommerce product description writing


In the highly competitive eCommerce arena maintaining an edge over the competition is a tough task. They are all on the same platform as you are, offer similar or identical products and apply an equally aggressive marketing strategy. So, how do you set your eCommerce store apart from others? The answer lies in product descriptions. But writing winning product descriptions is easier said than done. Apart from being a great copywriter, you have to do a lot of research on your own to ace the game of eCommerce product description writing. As most of the online merchants have limited understanding of copywriting, they prefer to outsource this niche job to brand communication agencies. No matter whether you outsource eCommerce product description writing or want to do it yourself, the tips we are discussing in this write-up will definitely make a difference.

Start off by defining your buyer persona

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Every word you write in your product descriptions has the capability to make or break a deal. Hence it is very important that your prospective buyers identify with the copy of the product description. But writing such a product copy won’t come easy unless you have conducted thorough research on your buyer persona. It is nothing, but the overall understanding of the age, gender, interests, education, income level and language of your prospective customers. Once you have defined your buyer persona, it becomes easy for you to determine their behavior while purchasing online. You will be able to pinpoint the exact keywords that they will be using while surfing the net for their choice of products. Not only this, this in-depth understanding of your prospects will help you to devise the perfect description for your products. The choice of words will become much easier and you will be spot on with the extent of detail.

For example, if you sell smartphones and your target audience comprises tech-savvy millennials. In such a scenario, only a well-crafted product copy with the maximum number of technical features will work. This is simply because the new generation is well informed about the latest technical advancements and is looking for avant-garde features that simplify their lives.

Use influential words in your product copy

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Product copy is something that adds an element of persuasiveness to your narrative. Rather than directly coaxing your shoppers to buy your product, you should go in for words that they identify with. A little bit of research into keywords will help you to craft sentences that have an impact on your prospective customers. Find out what exactly they type in the search box while looking for their favorite products. Use these keywords in your product copies and you will be surprised at the results.

When buyers go online to purchase a product they are looking for the exact match of the words they type in. They are most likely to click on the search link that has the maximum number of influential words. So, if you are getting good traffic from Google and Amazon search engines it means that you are using the right influential words in your product descriptions. If you are not able to get it right in the very first go, it is a great idea to outsource your product description writing to a specialized service provider.

Use multimedia in your product copy

eCommerce Product Description Writing Services


Some online merchants try to influence their buyers by focusing on written text. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t work in a majority of cases. This is simply because ultimately, the online shopper is looking for a quality buying experience. Use of power phrases and influential words is great, but unless you support them with the right images and videos, it’s highly unlikely that your target audience will be impressed.

Quality images not only engage your prospective buyers but also play a major role in expediting their buying decision. Similarly, the use of short videos and animation to explain the salient features of your product adds to the shopping experience of your customers. While some shoppers like to read through the extensive product descriptions, others prefer to watch animations and videos. To woo the other half, write crisp product copies and use them in animated videos.

List features in bullet points

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Your products may have a plethora of features to add value to your customers’ lifestyle. When it comes to describing these value additions, copywriters often fall in the trap of creating long paras explaining how exactly the features work. As a product description writer, one must understand that the attention span of an average online shopper is very limited. Reading through big chunks of text is off-putting to the customers, however interesting or engaging you make it. The right way to explain the significance of a product is by using visuals and crisp copies. Present the salient features of your product in a bulleted form and write down a crisp line or two to explain them. If you really want to give full information, add a “read more” tab after the first couple of lines. This approach will keep the visitors glued to your product page and lead them to the ‘buy now’ button.

Focus on brand communication

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Brand communication is the most important part of any product description writing work. In fact, it should be consistent throughout your product copy. Whatever you write on your product pages should reflect your brand identity. To do so, you should include the key values of your brand within the product description. For example, if loyalty and integrity are the core values of your brand, these words should be included in the text. But it does not mean that you have to do it randomly. Try to incorporate a sentence or two within the product description stating how the product matches your brand identity.

There are no two views about the fact that product description writing is a niche process that should only be done by experts. So, whether you do it on your own or outsource the work to a specialized vendor, make sure that you incorporate these attributes in your product copywriting. By following these tips to a tee, you can easily achieve your sales and conversion targets. What’s more, these tips can also help you to maintain a loyal clientele that identifies with your brand. is a reputed company that specializes in eCommerce product description writing. If you are looking for product descriptions that sell, drop a line at

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