Fundamentals of Data Capture, Processing, and Management

In this competitive world, you have to make right decisions at right time to exploit the right opportunities. If your company is dealing with a huge volume of data, you must be aware that the process of capturing the data is a monotonous and lengthy process. Data Capture Services provide an answer to this problem.

Data Capture Services

Data Capture and Processing

Data capturing usually refers to acquiring data from hard copies such as forms, paper documents, photographs, receipts, and microfilms, and converting them to an electronic format. This can also be called as electronic data capture (EDC).

Conversion of data from physical to digital forms is a difficult process especially when the number of documents to be handled is large. With the help of Data Capture Services, it has become possible to digitize large volumes of documents within a short period of time.

Services that you get after hiring a professional Data Capturing Service provider are:

Conversion Of Paper Documents To Images

Large volumes of paper documents can be converted into a variety of digital image file formats, pertaining to your need through Image Data Entry Services. This can be processed again and again and can be stored in an archived database.

Data Capture From Receipts, and Coupons

Information from promotional vouchers, sales coupons, and purchase receipts can be converted into the format you desire with Invoice Data Entry Services.

Scanning and Imaging of Cheque

Legal documents and cheques contain sensitive information and need to be handled sensibly. Converting data from cheques through OCR Scanning and ICR lets you keep your information safe and secure, and you can retrieve information anytime.

Magnetic Tapes and Photo Data Capture

Data from sources such as photos, cards and magnetic storage devices is captured and processed into microfilms which can be retrieved whenever required.

Why Should You Opt for Capturing, Organizing and Storing Data?

  • By removing physical documents and converting them into digital formats it helps you save space and filing cabinets.
  • It helps in reducing the staff costs and administrative overheads. When dealing with traditional documents – finding, retrieving and handling the documents take too much of time. It is easy to convert data in a digital format as compared to the traditional format.
  • Data can be stored safely in a digitized form allowing greater security than paper documents.

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  1. Its a very nice post regarding data capture and data processing.In today’s era web based scanning/data capture services help companies turn slowly, work comprehensive document based techniques into arranged and effective digital deal systems which cut running costs, enhance service levels and increase success.