Why Data Cleansing Should Be Part Of Your Business Strategy in 2022?

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After a dull period that witnessed huge business losses due to the pandemic, many people are looking up to 2022 as the year of recovery. 2022 is the year where many businesses are going to stage a comeback or make an entry. If you want 2022 to be your year, you cannot rule out the importance of data. With the worldwide data analytics revenue expected to touch USD 274 Billion by 2022, the significance of business data doesn’t seize to amaze business experts anymore. 

Data needs to be accurate and error-free for businesses to function smoothly. Organizations that offer multiple services and work with several clients deal with enormous amounts of data – or big data. Such organizations usually deal with vast amounts of data, multiple databases, and thousands – and perhaps millions – of entries. It is not easy to maintain all this data, and errors are inevitable. However, errors can be minimized by stressing on data cleaning importance. 

Data cleansing helps organizations remove unwanted data, retain useful and accurate data and rectify useful data that has any scope of getting utilized. Data scrubbing involves the enhancement and enrichment of data to make it useful for further processing. Data scrubbing also involves standardization of data, to make it more authentic and help it meet the required standards. There are many other advantages of data cleansing. 

There are several aspects of data cleansing and scrubbing that require attention. Managing all these aspects helps businesses save time with their business processes, and stay ahead of their competition by focusing on growth and expansion. 

Some Key Differences To Avoid Confusion Between Data Cleansing And Data Scrubbing

Data cleansing and data scrubbing are quite interrelated and go hand-in-hand. The end purpose of both these processes is similar, which confuses many users and business owners. However, both these processes are different, and need to be carried out separately to ensure high quality of data efficiency and clean data for further processing. In any process involved with data cleaning importance must be paid to the type of business the data is a part of. 

As mentioned above, while data cleaning takes care of removing the errors, scrubbing takes care of rectifying them. Scrubbing involves enrichment and enhancement of data to prepare it for further processing. While data cleaning is done at a raw stage which involves plenty of errors, scrubbing is performed after removing the errors. While both processes are interrelated, both have their own advantages and must be performed one after the other. 

Business owners can separately opt for data enrichment to enhance and prepare high quality data that is ready and can be used at any point in the future. However, data enrichment should be performed after data cleansing services only as enrichment requires clean and refined data instead of raw and erroneous data. 

Some Important Aspects Of Data Cleansing You Tend To Ignore

data cleaning importance

Data cleansing is a specialized business process that involves work on several aspects of data, such as verification of data, consistency, completeness, verification, accuracy, relevance, timeliness, duplicacy, errors, and security. Managing all these aspects properly helps businesses avoid major errors and ensure a smooth flow of business processes, leading to business and revenue growth. 

1. Data Verification 

Data verification is one of the most important aspects of data cleansing. The authenticity of data matters a lot to businesses as it affects their credibility. Data verification helps companies avoid mistakes and a lag in business processes. In data cleaning, importance must be paid to data verification.

2. Data Consistency

Data consistency is also an equally important process of data cleansing. Data consistency helps businesses process and analyze data better. Consistency needs to be maintained in dates, spellings, facts, data sets, figures, etc. The same data kept at different places in the same database or even a different database must match each other. Data consistency leads to better decision making and helps in future references, whereas lack of data consistency could lead to major mistakes and could even spoil the reputation of the organization.  

3. Data Completeness

Data completeness is one issue many businesses face. Data might be incomplete due to several reasons. Some of the reasons for incomplete data could be problems faced while collecting the data, data loss, data leakage, data corruption and data mismanagement. It is always advisable to get experts to complete your business’s incomplete data of all kinds, while verifying the information from many sources.  

4. Data Relevance

Data relevance matters a lot. The data acquired should be suitable for the application. Data needs to make sense and should be useful for business processes. Data cleansing experts ensure that all the data acquired by an organization is relevant and not out of context. Unwanted data is removed and all necessary data is maintained. To ensure quality data cleansing importance must be paid to data relevance.

5. Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is highly essential for businesses. A minor error in facts and figures could lead to huge losses. Data accuracy is especially important for businesses dealing with numbers, such as accounting information. Data cleansing experts ensure data accuracy by scanning databases, matching records, and verifying the accuracy of all facts and figures. Experts use a combination of manual and automated processes to come up with the most accurate data for your business. 

6. Data Timeliness

It is important for data to be fresh and not redundant. For example, if a company is maintaining census – or population – data, it is important to have the latest count. The population data of 2011 is redundant in 2021, so it is important to have the latest data. 

Businesses need to update several records, such as their revenues, tax information, salary data, etc and it is essential for the data to be timely and fresh – with the latest records updated. Data cleansing experts help companies update their data and maintain the latest records. One of the biggest benefits of data cleansing is having updated data. 

7. Corrupted Data

Corrupted data could lead to useless and rotten files. Corrupted data also leads to major blunders, and needs to be rectified. Such data needs to be studied carefully. The useful data must be retained, useless data must be removed and necessary information must be replaced. 

8. Misplaced data 

Misplaced data includes data that is lost due to missing records, integration of platforms, and migration. Data cleansing experts ensure that data does not get misplaced and any data that was lost gets retrieved. One of the biggest benefits of data cleansing is retrieving lost data and bringing coherence to the processed data. 

9. Duplicate data

While data consistency is important, data duplicacy is really harmful. The same data, if repeated in different columns or occurring twice in the same column, could lead to data duplicacy. Such errors need to be corrected at once. Data cleansing experts remove all duplicate data and maintain consistency by not repeating any specific fact or figure more than once in a database or data set. 

10. Erroneous data

Data might have several types of errors. These could be due to errors in abbreviation, spelling, etc. Data cleansing experts remove erroneous data and replace it with clean, useful, and accurate data. Removal of erroneous data reasserts the importance of data cleaning.

11. Inconsistent subjective data

Subjective data includes long statements recorded in the form of sentences, paragraphs, or long form content. This includes customer feedback data, survey data, employee feedback, suggestions, inputs, notes,  remarks, reviews, and several other data types where feelings and experiences need to be written, noted down, or typed in. 

Sometimes this data includes many errors, does not make sense, or needs to be interpreted properly. This may be due to language barriers, lack of technical information, and also due to lack of professional expertise. Data cleansing experts help businesses retrieve accurate information from such data sets, to help with business processes and gain valuable information from feedback and insights. Consistency of subjective data is one of the biggest benefits of data cleaning. 

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Advantages Of Data Cleansing And Data Scrubbing

advantages of data cleansing

There are many advantages of data cleaning and data scrubbing. Data cleansing experts ensure that each and every aspect of your data, as mentioned above, is taken care of. Sometimes big organizations with huge amounts of workers fail to manage data and hence struggle with many of their business processes.

Availing offshore data cleansing or outsourcing data cleansing and scrubbing helps companies avail professional, high quality services. The enriched and enhanced data is secure and can be preserved for long durations. There are several data cleaning benefits as it helps the overall productivity of businesses, minimizing the delay in business processes and leading to profits, growth, and business expansion.  

1. High quality services

One of the biggest advantages of data cleansing is the quality of services you can avail. Professional data cleansing experts offer high quality services as they have an experienced and well-trained staff that can deal with huge volumes of data, cleanse each aspect of it and enrich it to suit your business requirements. 

2. Long term storage

Long term storage is a great data cleaning benefit. Professionally cleansed, enhanced and enriched data is properly formatted and arranged. It is transferred to the respective companies in the required format and can be stored on external devices as well as over the cloud and on secure servers. Such data and its host is robust, which means that it can handle data for years. Such data is also properly encrypted, and can be accessed after decades with the help of systematic decryption – making it one of the biggest advantages of data cleaning. 

3. Data security

While the data is easily accessible for companies and businesses that own it, professionally enriched and enhanced data is highly safe and secure. This data cannot be easily stolen or leaked, and this is one of the biggest benefits of data cleansing. Data security is of utmost importance, and experts ensure that the data remains confidential and secure with its owners and other concerned authorities. 

4. Increased productivity

Well organized and enhanced data helps business productivity – one of the most significant data cleaning benefits. The business processes are conducted more smoothly with fewer errors and a minimized delay in business processes. This helps the overall business cycle, leading to profits for the organizations and a better base for the future – improving business decision making and innovation. 

How To Choose The Data Cleansing Outsourcing Experts

benefits of data cleansing

Choosing the right company or team of experts for outsourcing data cleansing requirements can be a daunting task as well. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, there are several companies that offer data cleansing for offshore clients. However, choosing the best fit would save you time and money, help you establish a long term relationship, and ensure high quality data cleansing and scrubbing for your business. 

Now that you know the advantages of data cleaning, some of the aspects you should look at while finalizing data cleansing and scrubbing experts are cost-effectiveness, turnaround time, data security, experience, and data cleansing capacity of experts and outsourcing organizations. 

1. Cost-effectiveness

Always go for data cleansing experts offering cost-effective and customized packages. Each business type has its own requirement and associated budget. Make sure that the data cleansing outsourcing expert suits your required budget, and offers minimized prices for bulk orders and large amounts of data. Cost-effectiveness is one of the most practical data cleaning benefits.

2. Data cleansing capacity

Data cleansing capacity matters a lot, especially if the volume of data is large. Good data cleansing experts offer data cleansing volumes and speeds of up to 10,000 entries for every thirty minutes. This really matters for businesses that require bulk data processing. This also helps businesses that require regular data cleansing, because of the number of processes they organize or the large number of clients they deal with. 

3. Data security promise

Most good companies that offer professional data cleansing promise data security. This means that they are responsible for the data confidentiality, and will bear for any losses or problems associated with data loss, leak, or corruption. Data cleansing experts also follow various compliances and sign agreements to ensure 100% transparency and responsibility for all the data they will be dealing with. Of the many data cleansing benefits, data security is among the most important ones. 

4. Experience

Experience matters the most when it comes to data cleansing service providers. Experienced experts have a well trained staff with hands-on experience of handling large projects with big organizations. Such experts are also equipped with the latest software and tools for data cleansing and maintain a fine mix of human and machine intervention. This is to ensure smooth and seamless data enrichment services that involve cleansing, scrubbing, and enhancement processing. 

5. Low Turnaround time

The turnaround time also matters a huge deal when it comes to availing data cleansing. Turnaround time involves the time between making a request, getting a response, and initiating an exchange of services. Time is of utmost importance to most businesses, and you should outsource data cleansing to experts that value your time. Data cleansing experts that promise a low turnaround time suit most businesses the best. 


Knowing the advantages of data cleansing and scrubbing would surely help you make better decisions for your business. You should outsource your requirements to experts who suit your requirements and offer the best services that fill your bill. Data cleansing companies and experts should be able to deliver the goods for your business, and it is a great advantage if the outsourcing company has already worked in your business domain. 

Data-Entry-India.com offers high quality data entry services for various business types, and has a global presence with thousands of clients in over thirty countries. The company offers bulk data cleansing and scrubbing services at the lowest costs and with a minimum turnaround time. You can get a free quote by emailing all your requirements to info@data-entry-india.com.  


1. What are the benefits of data cleansing and data scrubbing services?

Data cleansing and data scrubbing services have several advantages, such as long term storage, secure data, availing high quality services from experienced professionals, increase in business productivity, and a decrease in losses and business delays caused due to unclean, unwanted, and error-filled data. 

2. What are the various types of data errors businesses usually counter?

Businesses usually counter several types of data errors – such as unverified, inconsistent, incomplete, irrelevant, inaccurate, outdated, corrupted, misplaced, and duplicated data. All such data is harmful as it can affect business as well as people’s lives – and must be rectified at once using data cleaning and scrubbing services. 

3. What factors should I consider while outsourcing data cleansing?

While choosing experts to outsource data cleaning services, pay utmost importance to the quality. Choose experts that offer you customized packages at reasonable prices and have the capacity to process high volumes of data at once. Also, ensure that the service provider takes responsibility for the security of your data and is liable for any losses or leakage.

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