Vitality of Invoice Data Entry Services in the Accounting World

Invoice data entry services are godsend for companies which require everyday dealing with large volumes of documents like invoices, bills, purchase orders, vouchers and delivery receipts, etc. in either scanned form or hard copies.

Traditional methods of maintaining data are becoming too tedious and outdated with changing times. Physically arranging handwritten or faxed invoices requires extreme physical efforts, time and can often cause damage or loss of data. With increasing competition in the market, companies need to give more time to their primary business over spending time in data management.


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Features of Invoice Data Entry outsourcing services:

1.       Organizing all your invoices/journals/memos in a single platform

2.       Access all your Journal data entries swiftly and easily

3.       Helps you save and store electronically in one place

4.       Diminishes the chances and risk of data loss

5.       Helps automate entire accounts process (sales, billing and management)


AP invoice entry services help index, sort and customize entries into an organized database to allow you to access and search your data readily. Systematized data also helps in preparing reports faster and more precisely.


Invoice Data Entry Services include the following:


  • Invoice data entry for self-billing
  • Journal data entry
  • Data entry of memos (Credit and Debit entries)
  • Invoice data entry of sales and purchase
  • Invoice data entry from scanned images or hard copies
  • Accounts payable data entry
  • Invoice data entry of pro forma
  • Voucher data entry services
  • Invoice data entry services using VPN, Citrix, Kofax or remote terminal

Why outsource Invoice Data Entry Services to a service provider?


  • Radical Project Management services committed to your work.
  • Latest technology and world class services at no maintenance cost.
  • Prompt feedback and response along with timely updates.
  • High quality output.
  • Guaranteed stringent data security. (Some companies also offer protection of data via VPN).
  • Delivery of the final output in the format of your choice (MS-Word, PDF, and HTML) via emails, CD-ROMS or using secured FTP.
  • Off-roll expert and experienced staff.
  • Cost reduction and greater ROI.

Outsourcing companies come into the picture to efficiently and accurately manage your AP entry services at cheaper costs and lesser time frames. They work as your off-site back office accounts managing/book keeping partners. Invoice Data Entry services capture specifications such as Number of units, Invoice Date, Amount, Shipping and Delivery date and time, Name and other Details of buyers and sellers, Tax payments, etc.



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