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Database Updation and Maintenance Services

Modern businesses both generate and require prodigious quantities of data. They must, as a result, maintain vast databases which constantly need updation and maintenance. Database updation and maintenance is necessary to ensure that databases are removed of all data that is corrupt or dated and retain their integrity. Business databases do attenuate remarkably fast. In fact, as much as 30% of a database can go out of date within a year. Thus, the names, job titles, phone and fax numbers, postal and email addresses in a business database must be periodically updated, corrected and verified. If done efficiently, database updation and maintenance helps businesses and organizations on several fronts. At Data-Entry-India.com, we provide database maintenance and database updating services, assisting right from economising on data storage space, expediting data search and retrieval, removing the inefficiencies in customer support services to bolstering marketing efforts. We serve data intensive sectors like banking, insurance, transport, health and eCommerce.

Outsource Database Updating and Database Maintenance Services to Data-Entry-India.com:

At Data-Entry-India.com we have been providing Database Updating Services for fourteen years and, consequently, have developed a special deftness in it. Our dedicated team of experts understands the value you attach to your business’s database. Hence, once you delegate to us the tasks of updating and maintaining it, we provide you a service which is not just masterly by the industry standards but also completely reliable.

We can faultlessly handle a wide range of jobs, not just updation and maintenance but also cleansing and creation of databases. We can even design a new database with all the necessary applications, modify existing ones to align them with your changing requirements or even integrate multiple data sources to create a consolidated database. As part of database updating services, we will remove redundant and erroneous information from your databases, perform data de-duplication, data matching, data verification and correction and, if necessary, also add to your databases information such as SIC codes, number of employees, annual turnover and senior decision makers' names and contact numbers. Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, MS Access, Visual Basic, MySQL or Foxpro, we are equally at home employing them all when updating and maintaining databases for you. You can count on Data-Entry-India.com to help you maintain both online and offline databases.

Data-Entry-India.com has highly skilled programmers in its ranks capable of developing affordable but sophisticated database applications. With these very competent tools you can either carry out simple customer/data tracking or merge multiple external sources of information. The database applications developed by us will also help you handle dynamic update queries or link local resources to the internet. We can efficiently develop both multi-tiered applications in client-server architecture using MS SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle and web-based applications using ASP, CGI, PERL, PHP, JavaScript and Visual Basic.

We also create and update databases for online and e-Commerce Stores as a part of our Database Maintenance Services. As more and more people in India and across the world buy goods, gadgets and services on the web there is pressure on online and ecommerce stores to keep up. Just like their brick and mortar equivalents the online and e-Commmerce stores too need to sort, label and organize their contents and enormous quantities of data is required for it. They must constantly update prices, product specifications, product availability, tax and shipping amount, product identifiers like UPC, ISBN, EAN and product images. All this is a work of almost staggering complexity. At Data-Entry-India.com we have a dedicated team which specializes in the creation, maintenance and updation of the databases of online and e-commerce stores. They will quickly and efficiently enter whatever information you might have in print, in the CSV format or as images. You can also count on them to upload search engine friendly images and product descriptions onto the website of your ecommerce store. Consummately efficient, they can either build an online store’s database from scratch or add to one without breaking into a sweat. You will find them ever willing to walk that extra mile to keep pace with your business needs.

Advantages of making Data-Entry-India.com your Database Updating and Database Maintenance Services partner:

  • Quality - We have always delivered on our promise of providing quality work the accuracy of which is as high as 99.95%.
  • Expertise - We employ personnel who specialize in a particular field, be it legal, scientific, financial or technical, depending upon the nature of databases required to be updated, created or maintained.
  • Economy – We will help you save on costs by as much as 60%
  • Free Pilot - We offer free sample/free trial to our clients.
  • Profitability - Our expertise in database updation and maintenance will build you a database that is current, accurate and credible and, therefore, can be effectively utilized in gaining more customers and increasing your profits.
  • Security - We are always ready to enter into an NDA with our clients and all our employees are bound by the strictest confidentiality agreements.

For more information on our Database Updation and Maintenance Services please mail us at info@data-entry-india.com.

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